Dreaming about people I don't know

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Dreaming about people I don't know

Postby punkyme83 » 06 May 2018 23:33

Here lately I've been having so many crazy dreams. And in most of them I see people I don't know from Adam. They are just in my drem. I do interact with these people in some of them. And then some of them are just like background people. But my question is. Why would people I don't know/ have never met and never seen before be in my dreams? It seems anymore most of the people in my dreams with the acception of myself I don't know them. They are just random different people. Any idea why?

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Re: Dreaming about people I don't know

Postby starsofclay » 08 May 2018 13:28

this has always fascinated me myself. most of my dream characters are complete strangers, with the odd exception every now and then.

Your mind has infinite creativity. When you are awake you don't tap into it, but during sleep the walls disappear and you are flowing pure creativity. This creativity has the ability to invent random people out of thin air. I love talking to Dream characters during lucid dreams. It's amazing to get up real close and see all the details of the face. To touch them and they are solid.

it makes you wonder if the strangers you meet in waking life are nothing but more dream characters... ;)

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