My divine dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

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My divine dreams and Jibankrishna or Diamond the Holy Ghost

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Chapter 72

Realization of other’s spiritual condition

328). 18th December, 1978. Monday.
Early morning dream: I saw many devotees of Jibankrishna in a group, specially Sri Khagendra Nath Ghosh of Sainthia of Bribhum District. He seemed to be very jolly. Here the dream went off.

[The dream indicates that the present mental condition of Sri Ghosh may turn to betterment.]
The present mental condition of the seer is passing through a peculiar situation—the mind is staying at the 3rd and 4th plane off and on and some times to upper planes. At this time the seer is becoming imbecile. The seer realizes that the life force is staying at the lower planes, as after effect of the dream seen on 1. 12. 78.

Realization of other’s spiritual condition

329). 20th December, 1978.
Early morning dream: The dream started with the vision of Sri Indranath Mukerjee’s countryside residence at Makardah of Howrah District with a gathering of quite a number of Jibankriahna devotees. In a large room discussion was going on about Jibankrishna . At this moment Sri Lakhmi Narayan Birla renouned Indrustialist came there along with his granddaughter and grandson. I went for making tea and noticed that the rooms were in a very dirty condition. So I cleaned up everything , and washed with water. Entering the main room I saw Sri Birla in meditation. There I also saw my eldest nephew Sanjay talking with Birla’s granddaughter and grandson. I told them not to talk as Sri Birla’s meditation would be interrupted. I felt very happy by seeing such condition of Sri Birla and at this moment the dream went off.

[The dream may have two aspects: Either Mr Birla may have spiritual improvement or he may help the seer by protecting him from all hazzards in his school where the seer is engaged in compiling matters about Jibankrishna smoothly for future publication. This came true when Sri Birla made all the suitable arrangements for the seer to carry on his work on Sri Jibankrishna.]

Cry for the welfare of mankind

330). 27th December, 1978.
Early morning dream: In my dream I was crying for the welfare of mankind and it continued for a long time. Then the dream was off.

[This type of dream has happened many times. It is still unknown what will be its effect on human race in future. Here I am not crying. The Soul or Atman within me is crying i.e., the Soul of every human being is crying. Atman is one and the same in every human being.]

Advancement of the austerity of the seer

331). 7th January, 1979. Sunday.
Early morning dream: I first saw myself driving a car, as if going somewhere. Coming to my destination I noticed that IU could not control the brake and felt as if the accident would occur at this moment. But after taking a turn the car stopped.

The scene changed: I saw myself going to my residence at Lake Town. I was passing by a lake and saw the road was waterlogged. Fearing to fall due to broken road, I took the right side and suddenly slipped on the mud. My pajama and shirt were drenched with mud. Two Ladies were passing by at this moment. So I told them, ‘I am drowning into the mud.’ But without bothering they went away with laughing. So I myself stood up and washing my cloth with the pond water started for my residence. The dream went off.

[The dream indicates that during the course of my austerity the life power got disturbed, but automatically overcoming the disturbances it took its won way. The road means the passage within the body through which the life force moves towardsseventh plane.]

Indication of future – spreading of the effect of the magazine ‘Manikya’

332). 17th January, 1979, Wednesday.
Early morning dream: I saw my elder brother Pankaj reading the magazine ‘Manikya’. Seeing this I said, ‘This is such a thing, a day will come when people will become mad and search for it.’ Then showing the matters for publication kept in the locker I said to my brother, ‘what you are seeing is the most precious thing and nobody can value it now.’ While saying this, I was in a blissful condition. Then the dream went off.

[The dream shows the future. After nearly 15 years it came true.]

Indication of new phase

333). 21st January, 1979, Sunday. Place : Ghatshila, Singhbum District .
Early morning dream: I have gone to an unknown place and noticed that far away everything was drowned under water. I saw a bridge, but broken. As soon as I crossed the bridge, it broke down. After roaming here and there, when I was on the way of returning, noticed the bamboo bridge was rebuilt automatically in a nice manner. The dream went off.

[The dream indicates that a new phase is coming in my austerity and inspite of all hazards o the austerity it will make its own advancement].

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