Is it hpossible to see a word spelled out in a dream?

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Is it hpossible to see a word spelled out in a dream?

Postby punkyme83 » 09 May 2018 20:33

I had a dream. I was using this machine in a store. Almost like if you use a blood pressure machine in a CVS or Walmart. Well it wasn't a blood pressure machine but something similar that checks heart rate. But you put your arm in. So I put my arm in and pressed the botton. After the test was done I saw my results on the screen. And I remember it being like 2000 and something the number. I thought to myself oh god that's insanely high that can't be right. So I turned away and then did a second look like a double-take. When I look the second time I literally saw the word death on the machine in place of the numbers that I had seen when I first looked. I have heard people say it is not possible for words to actually be spelled out in a dream. Or maybe they were trying to say it's not possible to be able to read in a dream? So I am wondering one what this dream could possibly have meant or is trying to tell me? And second is it possible to see words in dreams and know what the word says. I mean it has to be possible if I saw the word death and clearly knew it was the word death right? Just been having so many crazy dreams lately trying to get it all sorted out.

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Re: Is it hpossible to see a word spelled out in a dream?

Postby starsofclay » 09 May 2018 22:05

Yes it is possible to see words spelled out. Usually one or two words can be easy to spell out. The reason they say you can't read in dreams is because usually when you have a string of words, they are typically gibberish or nonsensical.

The reason it said death is probably because when you saw 2000 and looked away, you probably had even the slightest thought that that number would kill you. Dreams follow expectation usually, although of course there are exceptions. Of course there is the possibility your body is reaching out to you, not to say that you are dying, but that you should get your heart checked out before it comes to that. Do yourself a favor and just get it checked.

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