body freeloading?

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body freeloading?

Postby leviate » 11 May 2018 12:44

the key word being freeloading. its not like im the person but i dont really notice or make a note of it until i realize, like someone asks me something about a what to treat a alien infection with and i only sort of im just becoming aware and im like oh im a scientist chick on a military space craft testing soldiers for a alien infection. i know that the infections most likely transferred by fluids but no idea why i know that or what the the person just suggested trying to use against it benzometasestamine or some shit. but i play along. turns out the virus, well was im pretty sure a means of alien reproduction that eventually turns people into alien/human hybrids like soldiers, being the first sure sign was there skin pealing off. and later i found out that the reason or cause was due to the alien queen taking human form for some unknown reason. and late that the queen was either the small girl thats been practically attached to my arm the entire dream or the doctor i was freeloading in.

there not bad dreams, to be honest i quite enjoy the ride.. its almost like i was always that person but i just became aware that i am me because im almost just watching until the moment i realize and its like the person i was just goes to sleep in my place. i can act on instinct, like sometimes i know that something i know nothing about is what it is or what its for. and at times it almost felt like that little girl knew. but idk.

iv had a couple dreams i can recall for sure that iv realized i was "freeloading" but not well enough to recall any details. tho i know that the dreams all have a good bit, free fun unique. and a bad bit like the fact that once turned the alien things like killing people lol.... and theres always some bit of sexuality . but considering im a guy in my late 20's thats not a big surprise. tho i dont spend much time dreaming about being a female scientist during an alien invasion when im awake.

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