Dream revealing its own tricks

Share your most awesome, bizarre or lifelike dreams of the non-lucid variety. Tell us about your weirdest nightmares and false awakenings.
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Dream revealing its own tricks

Postby Jah Soldier » 06 Aug 2012 21:39

Thought I'd share an interesting dream I had recently and ask if anyone else has experienced anything similar.

The first thing I remember is being on a street corner in a town I know. It didn't look anything like the actual town but felt like the town (this is common in my dreams and I think dreams in general?). I had the feeling I was there to meet someone to go to the movies but didn't remember who (in hindsight a classic 'what am I doing here' moment in a dream). Then my friend called my cell phone warning me that it was a scam (this exclamation of falsity was actually a useful dream sign I missed). So I went elsewhere and met him and he told me there was some kind of scam/fraud going on whereby if people walked down this particular street, by the time they reached the corner I had found myself, they would believe that they were there to meet someone to go to the movies. We went down the street 'again' (though as I say I didn't remember a first time, only finding myself at the corner) and could see that it was lined with billboards and subliminal messages that would indeed trick someone who was unaware into such an outcome, and indeed this time there were some other people at the corner seemingly expecting to go to the movies but not knowing who with. On waking, I couldn't recall the detail of the billboards and signs and don't believe these would have actually made sense but in the dream they did. I also had the feeling that the dream was showing me not just why I had found myself in the situation at the street corner, but why I was dreaming what I was dreaming (e.g. representations of thoughts the previous day). It all felt very peculiar, both in-dream and afterwards. I think it was basically a great example of how the mind creates odd rationalizations for why you find yourself in particular situations in dreams (I have only had a couple of sustained lucid dreams and in hindsight this dream included plenty of signs I should have spotted). I hope this description makes sense without the details I can't recall. Has anyone else experienced anything similar?

Another odd thing at the end of the dream was that I knew this peculiar mind-trick/scam had been created by a character called "Dr Vreej" or "Dr Vrij" - a name which means absolutely nothing to me in waking life :D
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