Reality checks doesnt work for me

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Reality checks doesnt work for me

Postby Aarti » 12 May 2018 21:30

Hello. I am a natural lucid dreamer. Last night i had a very wierd lucid dream. I was dreaming in my dreams, that was a nightmare though. Lets call it dream2 in dream1. Then i woke up from the dream2 in dream1 and i thought i am awake.. But what all i saw in dream2 , started happening in dream1 too. So i thought it cant be real. I became lucid. I did reality check and the wierd part is i could count in my dream1 properly. That kinda freaked me out , cause i realised then it may actually be reality. But as things happened i woke up in reality out of terror. N realised everything was a dream. Reality check didnt work for me. Does this happen to anyone else. Is it possible you can count ur fingers properly in dreams? Can anyone help me with some other reality check method.l?

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Re: Reality checks doesnt work for me

Postby Petal » 29 May 2018 23:21

I can count in my dreams. I can also read in them. Sometimes my whole dreams are symbolmatic in nature and I can redraw those symbols when awake. Maybe that’s because I’m a very visual arty person. Others might be able to play music or remember lyrics from dream songs. Sometimes counting or reading can be problematic. I’ve had dreams where I’ve read a very insightful message or seen a significant number combination but I can’t recall that message or number when I’m awake.
This all has nothing to do with my reality checking. Reality checking, for me is doing something thats completely impossible in waking life, such as putting my hand though a solid object or floating or lifting an object with just my minds intentions. Or it can be an uncharacteristic behaviour that tells me I’m dreaming. I might be being rude
to someone, when I’m rarely intentionally rude in waking life. The trick is to ask “is this likely real?”, “could this be done in reality?” or “if this was waking reality would I be doing this?”. If the answer “no, most definitely not” then I know I’m dreaming and lucid.
Anyhow, Kind Regards. I hope to see you about...

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