I want your help.

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I want your help.

Postby Corizzle13 » 18 May 2018 22:26

Hello, I'll give a brief blurb about myself so you can have a better understanding of who is writing this. My name is Corey and I'm 27 years old. I'm a gay male and I have a boyfriend who I've been dating for seven months. I live on Ontario, Canada. I'm a Pharmacy Technician and work at the hospital in my city. I'm a recovering alcoholic. I have depression, anxiety, and used to suffer drastically from agoraphobia. I face these things head on and am getting better one day at a time.

I'm brand new to this site, and I've joined because I'm very eager and excited to either astral project or experience lucid dreams. I have been actively trying to have these experiences for about half a year now with no success. I am feeling desperate and starting to feel defeated - like I'll never be able to. I've done a lot of reading and put in a lot of time and practice. I don't want to give up so I'm reaching out.

I guess I'll briefly explain my experiences so far to give you an idea of where I'm at. With lucid dreaming, I'm going to give my experiences a big fat miserable ZERO. If I ever have done it, I don't have any recollection of it. With astral projection, I feel that I have had a lot more progress. I have never actually astral projected as far as I consciously can recall, but I feel like I have come close to getting there. I've gotten to the point more than a few times now where my body isn't in complete sleep paralysis, I am aware that I can move if I want to, but my body feels completely numb and almost asleep. I start to feel like I'm floating, like my "astral body" is floating there magnetized to my physical body, but don't have the strength to separate. I've had an experience where I could hear and feel someone's presence walk into my room around my bed and back (I had a hat on covering my eyes - it was still daylight). With this experience, I was feeling very relaxed and like I was floating as previously mentioned, and I know for certain I was conscious. But reality did feel a little bit off where my senses felt different and more sensitive to what was going on around me. I live alone, so it couldn't actually have been anybody in real life. I've had other experiences where I've felt like my body is floating and spinning spherically. I've had experiences where I've heard extremely loud static, music, or voices inside my ears like a deep itch you can't scratch in your ear (if that makes sense). If I tried to listen too much or started to feel scared and reluctant (I experienced similar fear to this as you might have during sleep paralysis) it would fade away, but if I just listened with a curious mind, it would start to get almost overwhelmingly loud that I felt fear that something was going to happen where I'd lose control of my body or mind and I'd shake myself awake and be fine. I've read that this could be a sign that you're about to leave your body, so I've been tryingto get that experience again and tackle it without fear, but I haven't been able to achieve that state in a long time.

I'm getting frustrated and actually starting to feel depressed over this because I really want to experience it. I feel like it will give me some kind of epiphany I need to have, maybe it'll change my perspective and philosophy on life. I just have this extreme desire and force inside me pushing me in this direction. Please help. =]

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Re: I want your help.

Postby LDer Charles » 21 May 2018 22:56

Corizzle13 wrote:

Hi Corey! Welcome to WOLD forum. I'm also clean/sober today and have been for a little while now. Good to know you are too.

Well, about the exit sensations and stuff. If you read my DJ (in my sig) I have lots of those stories in there. Only thing is, I don't know how to find which entries are the ones that have that particular thing. If you can search it for "ringing" that might help (if you wanted to try to read it)

I found that the ringing would build and I'd get vibrations. Then I'd have a chance to "roll out". At first the "rolling out" or separating from my body in any direction was kinda involuntary. It was like, "Oh its happening again" but it became gradually more something I consciously realized "Now is the time!" and got out of body.

I used to call them OOBILD because I would start by an OBE thing but then it would become a dream.

Thanks for reminding me. In terms of your own practice I would just say keep observing each night and what you remember about it. Try to put the feelings and experiences into words in your dream journal. And eventually you'll start getting more of a feel for it. It happened pretty naturally for me.

I think my most recent was I rolled out of body and then flew up through my ceiling, and next thing I knew, I was in space. I've had lots of really fun ones. I have to go back over them and read them myself one day.
Here is a link to my dream journal if you want to know what I am up to in the dream world! :)

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