The RAUSIS method

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The RAUSIS method

Postby Jeonkise » 19 May 2018 11:27

hi everyone! firstly i want to apologise for my english because its my 3rd language and its quit bad i guess :D (actually i'm french, so even worse :lol: )

so i wanted to ask about this technique; the "rausis" method of lucid dreaming
i've done some research and it turned out that its quit popular among lucid dreamers because of it efficiency, so i tried it yesterday night... but man it went a bit wrong :oops:

i had a few lucid dreams like 1-2 years ago (3-5 ? idk), some of them by realising i was dreaming and others by using methods like the FILD one..
i never had guts to try the WILD one :x

the rausis method consists of (if i remember well) going to sleep like usual at night, but you have to put an alarm at 5:30 or sooner idk, during REM (?) cycle and another one at 5:33 or 34-35 depending if u fall asleep fast or not
by waking up at 5:30 it will "pause" the rem cycle (or idk what) and by falling asleep automatically after it and telling yourself that you'll hear the 5:33 alarm sound in your dream, it will introduce lucid dreaming
its quit bad again ikr, but sorry if you have to do your own research (not sarcasm, i meant it)

so i tried it yesterday night and it went wrong af but it worked in some ways..
so waaay before my alarm goes on, i heard an ultrasound (vomiting ear breaking shit) version of my alarm (when i set it, i made sure of the volume), it scared me to the bone, i ended up falling off my bed on the back and yelling like crazy and going back to sleep.
i only realised later i did all this in my dream because i had no pain when i fell and i couldnt make any sound while yelling and i forgot to do a reality check before going back to sleep

my explanation is quit shitty but to put it shortly, my brain did what the 5:33 alarm was intended to do but in a bad way.. and it worked
the clarity in it was like irl, i was quit aware but man i forgot to do a reality check

anyone who experienced the same thing ?

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Re: The RAUSIS method

Postby vegetativeducks » 31 May 2018 06:35

Hey Jeonkise!

Premier chose, je veut vous parler en votre premier langue. Francais n'est pas mon premier langue, mais je pense que je le parle assi bien pour discutions generales. Votre Anglais est presque parfait, et j'ai pu tout comprendre. Ok, pour l'autre partie.

For all of you non-French speakers (and non-Jeonkises) I essentially told them their English is fine.

I actually tried this method recently, though without an alarm. I also experienced some weird stuff, but was able to gain control by grabbing my glasses from my dresser and saying, these will complete my lucidity or something equally incoherent. It was actually really great, because I was in my house and was able to 'borrow' a 'neighbor's' car and drive to the barn where I used to keep my first horse and see her again, and it was one of the most vivid, most lucid dreams I've had.


-- Me

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Re: The RAUSIS method

Postby Jeonkise » 11 Jun 2018 23:31

sorry for responding this late, been busy nd things ^^'

your french is pretty good too, understable !
nah the thing is, and i'm still weird out by that.. i set my alarm at 5:30 and went to sleep
but way before it rang, i think the ultrasound shit or idk was the beginning of a lucid nightmare but i didn't realise it, the fact that i didnt do a reality check may of saved my mental life lmao :oops:

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