Waking up screaming from nightmares

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Waking up screaming from nightmares

Postby Mathpro » 21 May 2018 05:50

So I have a rather unusual problem with nightmares and after hours of searching on google nothing I find seems to resemble what is happening to me.

So first a little backstory. A few years ago I was outside of town with my family and I was sleeping in the same room as my parents. On one morning I was woken up by my mother making some very weird screams in her sleep. This caused huge distress in me as it was incredibly unexpected and was generally a very unusual experience. Same thing happened a few weeks afterwards and so I figured it was probably something she experiences commonly.

Several weeks or months after it started happening to me. Usually it would start off as a completely normal dream, then in a sudden the dream would take a wild turn and turn into a nightmare. At the end of it I will enter a state of complete uncontrolled panic (think fear of death panic) which would cause me to scream uncontrollably and the scream would occur inside the dream aswell as in real life. It would go on for a few seconds until I wake up and end it. Usually the only indicating factor would be an overall sense of very negative emotions I would feel throughout the dream.

This isn't even the weirdest part. Now I know many people experience nightmares regularly and that is not something unique. However my nightmares are very very bizzare. In many cases there would be literally nothing scary, just completely normal stuff happening to me and suddenly something completely random causes the ultimate fear of death panic attack that wakes me up screaming. Here are a few examples:
1. Someone knocking on the door
2. Realizing I was dreaming (Which is weird since I used to practice lucid dreaming)
3. Literally seeing my dad has come home without having heard the door open and close (WTF?)
4. Just thinking about the possibility of getting scared by something
5. Many many other cases where something absolutely trivial has happened

It's weird because I have experienced tens of sleep paralysis episodes and almost always they are not scary at all, yet I experienced 100% fear of death because someone knocked on the door.

There are 2 main problems with this. First, obviously regularly experiencing the wildest fear you can imagine isn't very comfortable, but probably worse is the fact that this is a problem to the people sleeping in the same room as me. More than once I have woken up people with my unusual screams (They sound much different than regular screaming)

The thing is I don't have any personality disorders. I don't suffer from depression or severe anxiety, I am perfectly happy and content with my life yet this thing happens somewhat regularly (~ once or twice a month).

So yeah, if anyone has any idea what is going on (none of the sleep disordes I have read about describes what is happening to me. Usually every page thet pops up would be about sleep terrors, which is completely different) or atleast has had similar experiences I would be happy to hear it.

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