psychedelic dream

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psychedelic dream

Postby dreamoverflow » 21 May 2018 23:09

I've recently viewed a lot of videos on youtube of Terence McKenna, and he often refers to DMT. I've never tryed DMT excepted some medic derived from the ergot of the rye. Maybe I would try... want to see...

But recently during a dream I was taking some psy mushroom, and had a strange effect, probably which I suppose it has to have as effect. But maybe is it possible during LD to have a psychedelic dream ? Because as Terence say the chemistry of our brain could possibly have this capacity. And also it remind me some dream I've made there is 2 or 3 months, it was fractals dreams, and that was very awesome. And there is some years I also made a very strange dream similar to a 3d fractal.

Its more recently I'm then interesting into fractal and much more 3d fractal, I've found videos very interesting on that.

Are you doing fractals in LD ?

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