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See The Sky Technique

Postby CruzGibbs1975 » 22 May 2018 02:48

Hello all.

I took a break from LDing and now I'm back with a new technique. I call it the "See the Sky" technique. It is very simple. When I see the sky I do some form of reality check. I started following this technique on Feb 19th, so it has been one week. I'm still getting used to it and often miss opportunities to do RCs when I see the sky. It is amazing how often we don't pay attention to something that we see all the time. The sky is always right above us :D

I try to notice it every time I go outside, look out a window, when it shows up on TV, etc. I also set my resolve before bed by repeating, with emotion and a determined mindset, "I will look at the sky in my dreams and become lucid!" ten times before I go to sleep. For me, in prior lucid dreams, the sky has look AMAZING! In some cases it looked like images from the Hubble telescope.

So, the technique worked last night.

Date: 2/26/18 (Monday 3:36 AM – work day): Before I went to bed I set my resolve to look for the sky and become lucid in my dreams. I don’t remember a lot about this dream. I was with my wife and her family at some cult/church event. I desperately wanted to get out of this place. It was taking place at a park near a lake. I’m waking among many pine trees and rocky outcrops. I reach the top of one of those outcrops and can see the sky. My mind “clicked” and I remembered to reality check when I see the sky; except I had no need to do any form or reality check I knew I was dreaming immediately. The sky was more beautiful than any sky in real life. The blue was darker, the clouds were white and silver and absolutely perfect. I just looked at the sky in awe for a few seconds and woke up. I’m very happy that I had some quick results from this simple technique. Hopefully I will get better with it over time. I’m still not remembering to do my “See the Sky” technique every time I go outside. I need to make this a habit.

I will keep everyone informed on this thread with my progress.

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