Hey Dreamers. Looking for some help with Manifestation after entering into the Dream World

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Hey Dreamers. Looking for some help with Manifestation after entering into the Dream World

Postby Toddy » 25 May 2018 21:09

So I'm pretty new to lucid dreaming, and I've been trying to WILD dream for a few days now. I think I have a knack for it. I had a background in hypnosis and meditation before discovering this subreddit, so understanding your guys' advice felt easy for me, and the last 2 nights I've been able to enter into the dream realm, the first time with some difficulty, the second came very naturally for me after doing it the first time. But I'm running into a problem I'm hoping you experienced fellas can help me with.

Like I said, I'm doing WILD. I understand this is not the easiest method for induction for most, but with a background in hypnosis (there's a induction/stillness involved with that) WILD was not difficult for me. I don't actually WBTB, instead opting to enter hypnagogia from the moment I decide to go to bed. I start by meditating, emptying the mind in order to reach the right level of relaxation and wait for hypnagogia to start. Since I started, there are the crazy visuals, but the music that gets louder and louder is the easiest vehicle for me to ride into the dream with, so I focus on listening to the music, and at a certain point, focusing the music starts pulling my mind from my body. It's hard to put into words, but I'm hoping you experienced guys understand the sensation I'm talking about, when following a piece of the hypnagogia hallucinations pulls your mind away from your body.

Last night this happened, and for a few moments I got lost in the dream world and my awareness wasn't there. But after a moment my awareness came back and solidified itself. I didn't have a body yet, so I didn't use a reality check to reach awareness. It was sort of just a 'oh crap that's right' moment where I remembered to stay conscious. Once I was aware, I was aware, ya know. I understand what you guys mean now when you say you'll know when something worked, and my mind was 100% not in my body anymore, and I was absolutely sure I was in another plain of existence.

Now here's where my problem comes into play. Once I was in the dream world, I had full control over my thoughts and my voice (In contrast to getting to DW, I could now think clearly and openly, and talk out loud). My voice and sounds were clearly audible, and sounded exactly how they do in real life, clear as day. But the world i was in was pitch black, and my body had not manifested itself. Eventually, another person started speaking with me, openly. He or I had no body, it was a pitch black world, but I 'knew' he was there, and I certainly was not crafting his dialogue. He was a real fucking person, dude. I was asking questions and legitimately anticipating the answer he would give me. This was such an insane experience, even though I couldn't see him, I was conversing with someone as if it was real life. I told him it was my first time here (dream world) and he welcomed me, and congratulated me on my success on getting there. I asked him how to be able to see stuff, because it was so dark. He told me "oh, that's easy, just follow the light". Problem was, there was no light. I didn't have my body, so I just looked into blank space, but the hypnogagia was over and there was literally no hint of light for me to find and follow. I called back out to him, saying 'hey man, i don't see a light' but he had left and i could not call him back. For a couple minutes, I was thinking about shouting for him, on the fence cause i didn't know if shouting would be too stimulating, but eventually I did, but he was gone. A little bit later another man, who I knew was old for some reason, was shouting in search of a man named Max, who I knew had to be that same guy who welcomed me to the dream world. I tried to get the old man's attention but he never responded, as if he couldn't hear me. After that I just 'stood' there in the dream world, hoping something would happen for a while, waiting for my body or the world to manifest, but it stayed dark. I didn't want to accidentally knock myself out of DW by trying something like moving an arm (that didn't exist yet in DW mind you) or a hand, but I was so afraid I would actually move my real body's hand and knock myself out. I can't remember much after that, but I'm sure after a while I drifted into unconsciousness, likely out of boredom, cause with it being pitch black and me not having a body I wasn't being engaged.

I'm sorry for being long winded, but I wanted to give you experts as much detail as I can. That world is so brand new to me and I have no idea what's too risky or not. I'm just looking for advice if you guys have ever come across a situation like this, how can I form the world or my body when I try tonight, when in the DW there's no objects or anything I can focus on touching or whatnot? I wasn't able to do a reality check without hands, but i was and am still 100% sure I was in a dream, that conversation with Max was a mindfuck, it was like real life lol. Should I try moving my hand or something, even when I don't have one yet, or will that accidentally move my real hand and knock me out? Would trying to imagine stuff happening while in the dream world be too stimulating and knock me out of the dream? It's only my 3rd time trying and my 2nd time crossing over, do you think more experience in the world would make a difference? Any sort of advice would mean the world to me. Thanks so much.


Entered into an empty lucid dream with no body or world (nothing to see, pitch black). Need help manifesting body.

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Re: Hey Dreamers. Looking for some help with Manifestation after entering into the Dream World

Postby LDer Charles » 28 May 2018 22:49

Toddy wrote: (original post)

Hi Toddy. That's really cool that you had such proficiency with hypnosis that you could induce this WILD. Because you were able to induce WILD in the early parts of your night's sleep, you may have actually been lucid in non-REM sleep. So that might have been why you found yourself in "the void" with no dream seeming to take place. A lot of lucid dreamers experience "the void" for shorter periods of time between REM sleep dreams. However if you weren't in REM sleep it might not be as likely for a dream to start. What the person you talked to probably meant was to follow the light, when it appeared. At some point the light would begin to appear as REM sleep began and your dream actually began. that's what I think. Check out more about sleep yoga in addition to dream yoga. Theres a tutorial in the Dreamviews academy, for example. I think you did sleep yoga or lucid sleeping which is maintaining conscious awareness even during non-REM sleep. It must have taken a lot of training in hypnosis to do that so, cheers! You'll be a bit of a pioneer in it but I encourage you to keep trying because it sounds cool and very profound. ALso maybe you could help teach other people the self hypnosis methods so they could try it, too.
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