Can your subconscious find lost things?

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Can your subconscious find lost things?

Postby Beginningdream » 28 May 2018 19:04

As the title says I was wondering if your sub consious knows where some of your lost stuff is? So for example I lost my 120 dollarjaybird headphones and id really love to find them wherever they are in my house. Could Ilucid dream and ask my sub concious where they are? And thought on this? Thanks for any responses.

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Re: Can your subconscious find lost things?

Postby LDer Charles » 28 May 2018 22:03

Well, it's worth a try! Whenever I lose something I try to think of where it is. Like if I know its in my house then I can at least rest assured its not lost somewhere public. It's not gone forever. And then I do a series of thorough searching one area, and eventually surrendering. When I surrender I think is when my subconscious starts working on it some more. The next time I get the urge to check a new location, I go for it, and the process continues until I find it. Sometimes things fall behind the bed or I left them in a pocket or a coat pocket. Also things slip out of my pocket in the car all the time and go under the seat or on the side of the seat.
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