Seeing web-like stringy Colours

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Seeing web-like stringy Colours

Postby Lexie0120 » 31 May 2018 14:54

Hi There,

I'm relatively new to the world of spirituality, starting about 2 years ago when did my first Kundialini class and was able to soberly enter a state of peacefulness and intense happiness that changed me.
I've been neglecting my practices since then but I try to meditate whenever I can.

Recently over the past few weeks I've been experiencing slight vibrations, which I have had before. However this time I wake up, assuming half consciously, and I see different sorts of colours. Sometimes its pink or purple web-like structures floating - very stringy. Last night I woke up to see strands of black 'hair' hanging from the upright pillow beside me before my boyfriend came to bed. The bright colours are often moving slowly. My bedroom is not completely dark, so the colours are not super vivid, but they are there in that strange stringy web-like shape.

My boyfriend is able to to enter into complete out of body experience, but hasn't done it in a long time. I don't know if the two are related at all.
My experiences usually happen before he comes to bed.

Any feedback and advice is appreciated!

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