how to have more control in lucid dreams?

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how to have more control in lucid dreams?

Postby Clandestine » 02 Jun 2018 17:45

I had my first lucid dream a while ago and my secound one just last night.
I knew I was dreaming, which is a whole lot different from regular dreaming I agree and there are a lot of people who still haven't felt the difference between dreaming and lucid dreaming, but I have only experienced on the level of just knowing.

In both dreams, I was giving out commands to my dream and the dream would respond after a few trys (still working on believing what I want to happen) but basically, I had no control of what commands I wanted to give. It felt like a regular dream where you have no control of what you're doing and you do some things that you might have done except a lucid dream where you know you can give commands out so I gave some pre determined commands.

btw just incase you misunderstand me and think I'm talking about a regular dream but mistaking it for a lucid. I was suddenly aware of my environment and it felt like I could see the dream world so I performed a reality check to confirm it. Looked at my fingers, had 5, looked away then back, had 3. The 2 fingers were still there just broken off like you could see the bone. Then after that I started to fly.

Cause I'm just gonna be honest. If I had any control over my lucid dreaming, I WOULD HAVE CHOSEN TO HAVE SEX. lets just be real here come on. At least once having sex but I never choose to do any of that stuff. well theres more than just sex that I wanna do but you get the point.

In my second lucid dream I was able to fly automatically. Should I even be able to fly for my second lucid dream? Idk. But it was so easy. I was just walking and then I felt this feeling in my stomach area like I was becoming weightless and I started to glide off the ground. I was then flying and able to hover up and down as I please.

Recently I haven't been able to write in my dream journal and I stopped performing reality checks as frequently as I was before but I still had these two lucid dreams. With barely performing reality checks and not writing in my dream journal anymore, I was able to have 2 lucid dreams for some reason. They all happened near the end of waking up and lasted probably a couple of minutes after 10 hours of sleep. I've heard of techniques which are used to stabilize the dream but I have never had the problem of getting too excited because I can't even control what I'm doing, lucid or not.

I know that lucid dreaming is just being aware you are dreaming and I know what that feels like now. It's a bit better than regular dreaming but if it still feels like watching a movie of yourself that performs slightly releat able actions which happen to be giving out commands then its not worth it. In both of my 2 lucid dreams. I couldn't feel or touch, smell, taste, or hear anything. And all I did in the dream was make characters disappear mostly. In my 2nd lucid dream. I actually flew which is slightly more intense but what I really wanna be doing is eating foods, changing the world itself, sex of course lol, having fights, flying but being able to feel the wind, etc.

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