Can dream characters remember?

What have you learned from your dream characters? What do they say, what do they represent, what motivates them, why do they exist?
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Can dream characters remember?

Postby En3ermost » 03 Jun 2018 14:18

My question is: can I "set" a dream character to remember what I do with him so the next time I spawn him in another lucid dream he'll remember who I am and what we have done in the past? Like saying to him "Next time I meet you, you'll remember about what we have done/talked about now and who I am" or something like that. Or do they just "reset" every time a new lucid dream begins even if i want them to remember? After all, everything is possible in a lucid dream so if I want a dream character to have past memories it should work... or am I wrong? And yes, I'm still kinda new to lucid dreaming in general. Thank you all in advance.
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Re: Can dream characters remember?

Postby baccuss123 » 05 Jun 2018 10:07


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Re: Can dream characters remember?

Postby goldenrose » 19 Jun 2018 06:14

As you said, anything is possible!

Since you harbor the memory of what you have done with said dream character, it's completely reasonable to expect one to "remember" the things you have done together. Might be a bit tricky, but would be fun to try. :D
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Re: Can dream characters remember?

Postby Petal » 20 Jun 2018 09:31

I think this is a great idea. You have inspired me to try out a few new things. Thanks.
Anyhow, Kind Regards. I hope to see you about...

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