My Annoying dream problem

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My Annoying dream problem

Postby baccuss123 » 05 Jun 2018 09:56

Ok, there are a couple.

1. I am lucid in all dreams. But not completely lucid. I have a difficult time becoming fully lucid and aware. It is sort of like I am partially lucid and my unconscious thinks. "That is good enough"

Any ideas on how to get there completely?

2. I find myself always questing and or looking for something.
For example, I parked the car I drove to the dream lady gaga concert in the lot somewhere. After I look around the concert. I then for some annoying reason need to find the car so I can leave. And spend hours in dream wandering about looking for the car.

Any idea how to get around this problem.

It expounds to anything. I literally spend 90% of my dream time trying to find something or someone.


It stops me for going and doing productive things is dream.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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