My Annoying dream problem

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My Annoying dream problem

Postby baccuss123 » 05 Jun 2018 09:56

Ok, there are a couple.

1. I am lucid in all dreams. But not completely lucid. I have a difficult time becoming fully lucid and aware. It is sort of like I am partially lucid and my unconscious thinks. "That is good enough"

Any ideas on how to get there completely?

2. I find myself always questing and or looking for something.
For example, I parked the car I drove to the dream lady gaga concert in the lot somewhere. After I look around the concert. I then for some annoying reason need to find the car so I can leave. And spend hours in dream wandering about looking for the car.

Any idea how to get around this problem.

It expounds to anything. I literally spend 90% of my dream time trying to find something or someone.


It stops me for going and doing productive things is dream.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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Re: My Annoying dream problem

Postby jennifer » 23 Dec 2018 08:46

I’m no expert but I’ve read a lot about it and I think you have the same problem as I have. To get fully lucid we need to stabilise the dream. Some recommend spinning around and some that you rub your hands together or anything that focuses on your dream body to pull you into the dream and get fully lucid.

I’ve only been able to do this once, that I became lucid and took it easy first, looked around, rubbed my hands together and became fully in control. I could control the elements , fly and walk through walls and everything was super clear. All other lucid dreams I’ve had I’ve either just done a reality check or not even that and that’s a semi lucid state. You kinda know you’re dreaming but you’re still just following what your subconscious what’s to happen and one simply observes.

Another good thing about stabilising the dream is that when one is about to snap out of the dream it can prolong it, and also help in case on a false awakening, when I started rubbing my hands whilst having a false awakening I was staying in that mindset, remembering that this might also be a dream and i need to do a new reality check and therefore might be able to continue the lucid dream in a new scenery.

The same thing should help with your other problem. When your semilucid it’s normal to just walk around looking for sth because your unconscious is in the lead. When your fully lucid you can just say, whatever I’ll just fly there or do anything else that I want. So try to keep doing your reality checks, imagine what you would do if your reality check shows that you’re in a dream, try to be calm and stabilise. Read about what other people give as suggestions but I think the rubbing hands together is excellent..

Good luck!

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