Can you use lucid dreams to practise becoming much more social in waking life?

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Can you use lucid dreams to practise becoming much more social in waking life?

Postby Markus86 » 10 Jun 2018 02:08

I have been kind of reserved and a bit socially awkward for most of my adult life (more or less since the year 2005, actually), and although this doesn't actually give me any real problems working together with other people or having short conversations with them, it does make me very careful when it comes to learning new people in general, and I have a tendency to "wait" before I for example decide to learn to know new classmates (and this has currently made me sort of isolated from my current university classmates, since they became intimidated by me after they noticed that I never approached them myself, even though they initially approached me quite regularly for several months), and this of course typically makes me end up by myself;
I also worry too much about saying or doing "something wrong" at any moment when I spend time with people, and this makes any meetings with new people feel a bit like balancing on a very thin rope - I always feel that I might say or do something that will make me "fall" and make them immediately stop liking me or lose interest in me.
And this becomes extra annoying when I know that I was nothing like this at all during childhood and adolescence, and I did have lots of friends and was a lot more spontaneous and whatnot back then, and this makes me feel a kind of stinging nostalgia for the past in a way.
I am really tired of this, and I was wondering - couldn't you theoretically use lucid dreams to practise similar kinds of scenarios, and get used to the general setting?
Of course, I'm not expecting to totally change myself through lucid dreams alone, but maybe they can give enough "push" to make social practice in waking life much easier?

Basically, I would like to use lucid dreams in order to go from reserved/socially uncomfortable to social/talkative.

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Re: Can you use lucid dreams to practise becoming much more social in waking life?

Postby Passport1993 » 22 Jun 2018 02:34

Yes, most definitely. Just by randomly interacting with dream characters, you should gain results. People can even get better at sports and playing instruments in their dreams. Practice makes perfect. So if you're new to lucid dreaming, it might take a couple tries to get the hang of balancing the scenario, stabilizing the dream and focusing your intent. In my first lucid dream, I was wearing and walking around my house and a neighborhood with a sleep mask on that I couldn't remove. I could pretty much only see the ground and my feet below me. :lol:

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