I need some help.

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I need some help.

Postby Clover » 13 Jun 2018 03:12

Lately I have been struggling with lucid dreaming. Not becoming lucid. Lately I have been having frequent lucid dreams, I am averaging like 1 or two a night. But the problem is they are short and vague. I am skipping the conscious realization that I am becoming lucid. My goal which I really could use a answer to of "Show me the best way for me to get my clan mates to join my discord sever I made for the clan". Interesting enough I have only ever been able to ask a question and receive a answer once. That was my dream where I was shown something important.

Allow me to delve deeper into these dreams in which my questions were unanswered. My first lucid dream in which I ask a question happens before I ask show me something important. I happen to see a dream figure, so I ask "what do you represent" I do not receive a answer. However I remember seeing a house to the left of the dream figure that may/may not of been on fire as the dream collapsed. My next two happen shortly after my dream where I ask to see something important. Which by the way I may have figured out the meaning of thanks to everyone for their suggestions as to what the meaning may mean. So the first night I start the dream off lucid and I ask "show me how to get my clan onto discord" something like that. The scene starts to shift but then I remember I forgot to ask show me. So I re ask and nothing happens. Then I ask another question. As the dream starts to collapse I see a burning bridge collapse. The next night I once again start the dream off lucid and ask a updated version of the question by saying " Show me the best way to get my clan mates to join my discord sever" I do remember seeing this figure who was on fire. It looked powerful like a god, but I am christian so I only believe in one god. I did not get my answer however the last thing I rember seeing is that figure on fire as the dream collapse.

So a possible burning house, a burning bridge, a figure on fire all while the dream collapses what do they mean. I can't even ask what they could mean in my dream because I have been struggling to have a solid lucid dream. Could they be blocking me from having a solid lucid dream. One that is not short and vague. What do you think?

Update: I just had a lucid dream in which I asked three questions and received zero answers. It must be a block. How do I overcome a block in which I cannot ask questions and receive answers?

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