A version of myself stuck in a dream! Help!

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A version of myself stuck in a dream! Help!

Postby nalabear » 13 Jun 2018 17:45

I had a dream over a year ago that from the get-go felt a little off, but I was also new to lucid dreaming so that was already an off feeling in itself for me. I was prettttty lucid, but feeling too lazy to do anything about it. I was on a train, a regional rail, and we were going past a field. I looked around and saw it was filled with people seeming to be going home after a work day. I noticed a little girl with her parents. Then suddenly, BOOM the train went haywire, perhaps from a crash or something, I am not sure, and when I got my wits I saw the little girl was alone so I grabbed her to get us away from the scene. I then felt a separate "version" of myself (for lack of a better term) think that it's time to bail and wake up. But I felt like I could not just leave that little girl alone in this horrible crazy wreck, so I said that to the other "version", and we both were in shock. The other "version" of myself was like "welp... f*ck! Uhhh so that's that then I guess!?!?". I remember looking off at what this "world" was, and dang it looked scary. The sky was a dark purple and the city skyline looked all black. It did not feel like humans lived there. The "version" of me that was leaving promised to try as hard as I can to come back and rescue them, and then I woke up.

I luckily do not feel incredibly different. I don't feel like I lost any part of my personality, and would definitely still feel inclined to make that choice, but would not take the risk.

Like I mentioned it's been over a year, and that promise is often in my mind, and I think that it always will be. I know this sounds pretty crazy, but if anyone has any leads or direction into something like this, that would be great. No internet searches so far have come up with any similar experience.

Thank you!

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Re: A version of myself stuck in a dream! Help!

Postby starsofclay » 14 Jun 2018 22:02

I kind of get what you are saying, but do you really think that other version of you is still stuck there? Have you had any indication of that? Were you still lucid when that all happened, because it seems like you lost lucidity and got caught up in story line... So if that's the case then the other you was most likely a dream character that dissolved with the dream.

But I can understand that it was a powerful dream with probably a powerful underlying message and you will never forget it.

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Re: A version of myself stuck in a dream! Help!

Postby Passport1993 » 22 Jun 2018 01:54

Dreaming has no limits. So my recommendation for the next time you're lucid is to summon that version of yourself with a strong intention. That way you can reacquire and find closure. People do this in their dreams to manifest scenes with deceased family, friends, and pets. There is no reason why you can't do that for yourself. After all, the experience is a reflection of the individual. :D

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