My unwanted (but great) experience

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My unwanted (but great) experience

Postby Awakeinadream » 15 Jun 2018 16:29

Hi everyone,

I'm new here. I have always believed in the concept of lucid dreaming but never actively tried. Last night and today it seems my brain decided for me. I've had not one, but two dreams where I was able to control the outcome (reading a street map to find the way, and in the other, I faked an injury through pretending to drown to get out of a bad situation). Both times transversed into my "waking life. The dream came into my reality and I was gasping for air in the drowning, then yelling out in my other which was relevant to my dream trying to get someone's attention.

Both times I woke up in a state of peace and a sense of euphoria/numbness/higher state.

I am 28 from Australia with a history of depression and anxiety. This state has relaxed me to a point where I feel nothing bad could happen.

Has anyone ever had a lucid dream without trying or had my experience? I am still feeling this great sensation in my "waking life" and want to know next steps. I feel amazing, like it all makes sense now.

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