Nightmare: Calling out for Help

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Nightmare: Calling out for Help

Postby tacticaltal » 20 Jun 2018 10:04

I've had these nightmares on several occasions. I would like to call it Sleep Paralysis, but from what I've read, it's not quite that. I think I know I'm dreaming, and I'm trying to wake up, or bring myself out of the dream, but I can't. In the nightmare, I'm calling out (yelling/screaming) for my wife to wake me up, and she's right there beside me (in reality), but apparently, she doesn't hear me. I also realize in the dream, that I am unable to speak clearly enough for anyone to understand what I'm saying. I guess, in reality, I am kind of moaning or something, as dreamers often do, but she won't wake me up. Last time this happened, a few nights ago, I thought I was making movements in order to get her attention so she would wake me. Another part is that our dog sleeps with us, and in the nightmare, I see him at the foot of the bed, starting to come to me, and I call for him to come, but then he turns and goes away.

These are sometimes provoked by some type of fear I'm experiencing in the dream. One night, I thought someone was coming in the unlocked door, but I couldn't for the life of me move and couldn't do anything about it.

What is this I am experiencing? Does this have a name?

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