Hearing Random Noises..please help

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Hearing Random Noises..please help

Postby Confused36 » 20 Jun 2018 14:27

Hey everyone, i found this forum after looking online about hearing things. I keep seeing its some sort of obe or lucid dreaming type of thing, so hopefully you guys can help shed some light on whats happening to me. I started hearing some pretty odd things about a year ago.. I would lay in bed..fully awake I may add, and hear a train horn, chainsaw, screams, all sorts of scary stuff. It would keep me up AND on occasion, when id finally fall asleep, i would expirence sleep paralysis. The scariest ive heard was a woman saying "help me" so fearful, and start screaming. My body felt like it was bei ng electrocuted over and over, i kept saying in my mind "I'm sorry I don't know how to help you", until i finally woke up. My whole body felt like it was tensed up for a while and I finally released my muscles from being tense. Only way to describe it. That exact s.p. has happened 3 times.
Ok now 3 nights ago, it was kind of the same thing. I kept hearing "WE'RE HEAAAARRRR ", and it was such a loud frequency I honestly thought I was going to pop a ear drum or something. It was SO loud and scary. I woke up and started crying.. I was so mad I feel i have no control over my mind.
Last night, i was laying in bed .. 100% awake. And i heard "Boo" in my left ear. I ignored it because I didn't want to be kept up, so then I heard a small dog barking. For some reason i imagined a small white dog, who knows why. I continued to watch tv and about an hour later fell asleep. Thank god I didn't experience any weird s.p. dreams. But please..anyone shed some light on this. I have a few different theories. Mediumship being one, i just dont know how to channel. I also wonder sometimes, can our minds tap into other dimensions maybe? Because it seems that's the best explanation. These are only a few of my expirences, the list goes ON AND ON. Just thought I'd share in hopes someone else out there is like me and has answers, feel so alone sometimes going threw this stuff.
Thank you!!! Sorry for such a long post ! :shock:

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Re: Hearing Random Noises..please help

Postby MrsPeregrine » 20 Jun 2018 15:31

Hi Confused. It sounds like you are having hypnagogic/hypnopompic auditory hallucinations. While they can be disturbing, this is just your brain settling down to sleep or waking up. Try not to worry.


I've certain had the "exploding head" thing (described in the article) on waking, rather frequently as a child - something like the orchestral crescendo from The Beatles' A Day in the Life but with voices rather than instruments.
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