I have difficulties to spawn the dream characters I want

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I have difficulties to spawn the dream characters I want

Postby En3ermost » 27 Jun 2018 22:37

As title says... Any advices? I know some of the most common ways to spawn someone is by imagine the person behind you/behind a corner/behind a door, but do I have to have a minimum level of lucidity like layer 3 or something? I also know that I have to have a clear image of that person in mind but do I have to remember every single detail or just a general idea? I became lucid yesterday but couldn't find/spawn any dream characters. And interacting with dream characters is one of the most fun and interesting thing to do in lucid dreams imo...

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Re: I have difficulties to spawn the dream characters I want

Postby Shynia » 11 Jul 2018 15:21

No answer here? Oh well, then I try to give some good advice ;)

So first of all I have never heard of the different layers (yet) but when you just started to get lucid it might be difficult to "summon" specific characters. Last week I had a WILD and tried to imagine a friend. It was really hard, first he didn't look like my friend at all, it was just a random person, acting like my friend. Then I started to imagine every detail I know (not hard with my best friend, still, you usually don't map the faces of people that precisely in your head). And then finally, the outside was correct, the behaviour not.

Why do I tell you this? My first lucid dream was over 25 years ago and I would call myself a skilled lucid dreamer.


What you CAN do is exploring your lucid dreams first, before trying to shape it or put characters in it. You can summon random characters by asking for someone or something to appear. Let your subconscious do most of the work first. After around 10 lucid dreams like this you should be able to start to shape your world. This, too, is like a muscle you must train. You also have to learn how your mind responds to your lucid wishes. I think that is different with every person, so no need to try to explain how my mind works when I try to command it. But be ready, your mind is used to command the whole dream. To get it away from that you simply have to train yourself :)

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Re: I have difficulties to spawn the dream characters I want

Postby R99 » 12 Jul 2018 10:22

In my experience, command won't do anything. You should make request instead. Emotions should be pure too. Overactive mind is another problem. Do some meditation every day. Relaxed Conscious breathing is a good way to meditate. When i meditate my LDs are extremely vivid and detailed. easy to control emotions and feelings which are plays a major part in LD. good luck dreamer.
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