My introduction

Drop a line here to introduce yourself! Let us know your background, where you're from in the world, your lucid goals.
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My introduction

Postby Magenta1987 » 28 Jun 2018 20:33

Hi all,

I’m new here. I just looked up forums for lucid dreamers and found this one. I’m currently reading Lucid dreaming gateway to the inner self by Robert Waggoner and read a book of LaBerge about lucid dreaming years ago. Currently I am writing a dream journal daily and just have a big interest in exploring in the dream world again so I thought I look for other people to share my experiences.
My lucid dream journey (as far as I remember started when I was a teenager. When I had scary dreams I realised they were dreams and I just ‘beamed’ myself in a new dream. I had instances of waking up in sleep paralysis aswell my first one turned into a OBE and few actually happened quite recently. I struggle with that state of awareness as it just awakes a feeling of fear of loosing consciousness. My lucid dreams happen still fairly rarely and I struggle to control them they either crumble away and I wake up or the things I want to happen don’t actually happen but I hope I will get a better insight to my inner self with more practice.
Hope you are all well.
Enjoy the forum :)

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Re: My introduction

Postby Connestoga » 30 Jun 2018 02:45

Hi Magenta1987, I’m new here too and I too have recently read books by Stephen LaBerge and Robert Waggoner. I’ve only had a couple of lucid dreams in my life (I’m 46) despite being fascinated with the idea when I was a kid. I used to see ads for a dream device in the back of Omni magazine. Last fall I became interested in the subject again after happening upon a research article in the news. For the past nine months I’ve been keeping a dream journal and practicing reality tests. I only had a couple of brief lucid moments. Then I started reading about supplements and nootropics. Normally I’m not a supplement kind of person, but I was eager to lucidly dream so I thought even a placebo effect would be welcome. After much experimening I think I can safely say that some of them really do work! I plan on posting in the supplement area soon.
Anyway, in the last six weeks or so, Ive had 6-8 lucid dreams and I’m gaining increasing control over what I do, making characters appear and my flying ability. The funniest thing is that I met Robert Waggoner in my dream and asked him some questions. Sadly I don’t remember the answers . . . Or the questions.

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