First OBE

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First OBE

Postby sdao » 09 Aug 2012 09:22

So I woke up this morning at around 5:30, and as usual began the routine of slipping in and out of dreams for he next hour and a half. At about 6:30 I consciously realized that I was in this state, and primed for a WILD. So I closed my eyelids and focused on the hypotonia. Almost instantly a huge roaring sound flooded my mind, like a train going down a cave, my ears felt like they were going to pop and my head felt like it was going to explode, but I tried to stay calm, and ride this wave of stimulus into a WILD. In an attempt to relax I visualized my body parts floating above the bed, and the feeling was so vivid. The roaring calmed down and I thought I had missed the opportunity. But when I opened my eyes there I was, sleeping in bed, I was floating about 3 feet above my own body. This kind of freaked me out, just because I was not expecting it at all. I then followed to actually wake up.

This was one of the greatest experiences of my entire life, and has only made me more dedicated to studying this fantastic form of dreaming.

P.S. I figured I would post this in the Dreaming Techniques section as it is mostly about how I got to Out of Body Experience

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Re: First OBE

Postby fuzzylogic » 22 Aug 2012 13:45

Pretty cool!

I've been working on transitioning from LD to OBE. Also trying to go direct to OBE via early rise technique, but all I've accomplished so far is loosing an hour of sleep in the middle of the night... : (

Only been trying it for a couple days now so will stick to it. The LD experience is awesome but OBE is the next level of exploration I am trying to achieve.

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