I am a killer (In my dreams)

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I am a killer (In my dreams)

Postby sdao » 10 Aug 2012 09:36

So i have found one of the major recurring themes in my dream is murder, and my capacity for it. In one of my dreams I watch some footage on the news of myself, dressed in a scarecrow's mask, slaughtering people at an airport, just before the police arrive at my house to drug bust my roommates business. In another one I am forced to kill somebody and hide his body, among to others, at the back of my house. We have neighbors that have a five year old girl. At dusk that day she begins to scream and cry, and she's beyond her fence. It's obvious that she has found the bodies and my father forces me to "take care of it" but her fathers already walking out back to see what's wrong with his daughter. The dream ends before I get to the pair, but I am still very freaked out by this. I know that dreams about murder don't usually mean you're a closet maniac, but I was just wondering if anything other then the insane struck you whilst reading this.

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Re: I am a killer (In my dreams)

Postby Shadow » 11 Aug 2012 09:26

Did you watch a couple of horror movies before you went to sleep? It seems like your mind was disturbed that night

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Re: I am a killer (In my dreams)

Postby sdao » 11 Aug 2012 10:50

No, just an average night

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Re: I am a killer (In my dreams)

Postby Summerlander » 12 Aug 2012 13:17

You could be realising in waking life that some of the thinking ways that you are used to may no longer be applicable and thus you "kill" them. This may have something to do with maturing or to do with finding different ways of dealing with a problem in the real world. I'm not an expert on dream psychology but this is my generalised theory on this particular dream.

On the other hand, it could be very related to what was experienced prior to bedtime, as Shadow mentioned, not necessarily TV but it could even be related to thoughts that you weren't aware of having at the time. It could be that, at bedtime you were relieved to escape from waking life's social and personal constraints. The escapist in you might have sought refuge in dreamland. This brings me to ask you the following: does your father have strong beliefs in right and wrong and does he expect a lot from you? Is he domineering? Do you resent something that your father might have done which you may have never addressed to him in the way that you would like to? I hope I'm not probing too deep. Ultimately, the person who dreams the dream will be able to identify the possible cause of the dream's events.

These dreams are not very common but not unnatural. They may indicate unresolved deep issues of the psychological kind, though. This, however, does not mean that you are going insane or that you have latent desires to kill in waking life.

The "scarecrow" element could indicate that you want certain people to back off or to even feel scared of you and see you as someone who is not fazed by anything. You might even want the word to spread amongst certain people, the word of this fantasy-reputation (hence the news about yourself in the fist stage of dreaming about this topic). Whatever, the meaning, it is clearly in a conflicting setting.

Finally, I would ask you the following (which might help), which is really a question that needn't be answered here and I am not the one who needs an answer:

What is making you angry in waking life?
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Re: I am a killer (In my dreams)

Postby marry1 » 10 Sep 2012 08:05

I have a terrible dream this morning, It is a killer follow me, then i run.

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Re: I am a killer (In my dreams)

Postby Mr.Lucid » 12 Sep 2012 14:53

Maybe you have some built up anger or frustration inside you that your subconsious try to release through very violent, gory, gritty dreams. If you watch horror movies, or thought violent thoughts, that could also explain it. If they continue, you may want to see a physciatrist. :|

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Re: I am a killer (In my dreams)

Postby Jack Reacher » 13 Sep 2012 09:12

I honestly wouldn't worry about you personally, I don't think your actions in dreams are the same in waking life even if the situation was exactly the same, because in some ways you are a very different person. Even if you enjoyed it while experiencing the dream, it could have been a different version of you enjoying it, at least thats my take on dream interpretation.

Lucid Dreaming is another story though, if you aware and you feel exactly the same in waking state, I think your how you experience and feel about your actions do matter in some sense.

As for why they are occuring, the whole topic might be bothering you on some level subconsciously, you might be wondering on a deep level how people can have the capacity to kill, or at least be curious as to how or why they do it, or what it would feel like.

I have found through most of my life that horror movies never really scare me, I mean sure I will jump at the occasional shock moment but when I walk away I feel pretty normal. But one thing lately that has really started to shock me was the Colorado Shootings, while I was stoned one night an extremely vivid image went into my mind where I was the Colorado shooter, in dark theatre shooting people and watching them die, fully knowing they were dieing and getting some sort of enjoyment out of it. After the image went away I felt distrubed for like a week, I think something we rarely do is put ourselves in the villians shoes, usually we do it with the victim. This might something you have been neglecting to do, with good reasons.

This sounds pretty dark but you also have to remember it is our in human nature to do these acts in some way, its natural evolution. Habits that are passed down from the jungle days will take a long time to fully get out of society. I mean just look at all the video games that promote killing things, pretty much all of them these days do.
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Re: I am a killer (In my dreams)

Postby torakrubik » 13 Sep 2012 21:26

As dreaming links us strongly with our subconsciousness, perhaps some of the more socially repressed, primal instincts of human nature are more pronounced in dreams? In the same way that emotions are very strong in dreams too?
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