Not sure if I'm in the right place

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Not sure if I'm in the right place

Postby Tarantula » 10 Aug 2012 14:15

The last few weeks I've woken up with my hands mimicking what I've been doing in my dreams. For example I woke up fishing last week and this morning I woke up coloring. I'm not sure about Lucid dreaming as a cause but this topic is all that popped up in my google searches. Anyone have any ideas?

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Re: Not sure if I'm in the right place

Postby Shadow » 11 Aug 2012 09:16

Are you talking about sleepwalking ?

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Re: Not sure if I'm in the right place

Postby Rebecca » 13 Aug 2012 07:48

Sounds like one of those little quirks of sleep to me.... ;)

If you're acting out a repetitive movement (or at least think you are) on the sleep-wake border it would be The Tetris Effect. It's a kind of kinetic hallucination spilling over from any repetitive activity from the day before:

If you are literally acting out your dreams as you wake up, albeit on a small scale (hands only), then it's more likely just the effect of sleep paralysis wearing off a few seconds early. When you dream, your brain literally sends signals to your muscles to cast the fishing rod or move a pencil, and sleep paralysis prevents your sleeping body from actually doing it. It's a safety mechanism. The paralysis wears off when you wake up so you can be free to consciously move again, but sometimes there is a small overlap, which is what you're probably noticing.

When there is no sleep paralysis at all preventing you from acting out your dreams (fully and sometimes violently) it is called REM Behavior Disorder, but your case doesn't seem anywhere near that extreme. Try Googling it to see an example of this really extreme sleep disorder. I've seen a couple of UK documentaries on it.

Sleepwalking is usually something different; contrary to popular belief most sleepwalking occurs during deep non-REM sleep and not during actual dream time. A sleepwalker acts out habitual movements rather than acting out their dreams. It also involves getting out of bed, performing activities, talking, etc.
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