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Hi All,
This introduction marks my return to the journey. I am not exactly new to lucid dreaming, a long while ago I read a few books and kept a dream journal for many years and I had some degree of success in that I was lucid but I did not control my dreams with the exception of when bad guys turned up. I was really after OBEs or Remote Viewing but when I first found out about these things in the 70's it was called 'Astral Travelling'. In any case it lapsed and I pursued other things. But Lucid Dreaming and OBEs have always been in the back of my mind. I have suffered from sleep paralysis since a child and many times I have tried to wake myself up and thought I had gotten out of bed and wandered around the house only to find myself back in bed and paralyzed. I found the explanations on 'World of Lucid Dreams' really good in demystifying the whole experience with very practical descriptions of what is going on. I had even asked various Doctors about it several times and had mixed responses. So thanks Rebecca! I have been following the free lesson's Rebecca has sent and I already have had some success. Keeping a dream journal is important but I found the practice of identifying Dream Signs (from lesson 2) very helpful indeed. I intend to go back to my old dream journal and go through my those dreams to identify the dream signs. It should be very interesting. To conclude, I would like to share with you a poem I wrote in 1999 after having a lucid dream, it was my first poem.
Thanks for reading this, I look forward meeting you all on this forum.

Sleep is Illusive

My heart searches for a thread
I ponder your form,
and anticipate your event

You flow over me,
like an astral phantom,
riding silent on a railway of light

Draped in soft silk
I sense above...your heat
then a hot kiss and wild velvet

Our love envelopes
I swim in your essence
and you absorb my tension

Wrapped in a celestial glow
a mysterious smile begs
a whisper...'who are you'?

Warm waves
wash over
the tidal beach of sleep

Still smiling
My love gently floats into the ether
and now dwells in
the dreams of a soft machine.

Jason April 1999

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