failed reality check and vibration in my ears

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failed reality check and vibration in my ears

Postby gekada_75 » 17 Aug 2012 13:28

one afternoon i took a nap,im about to fall asleep and i saw hypnagogic images and i can't move, i feel like im floating and spinning in the air and i can feel vibrations in my ears suddenly i am dreaming,i pushed my two fingers in my palm but it didn't go through, my friends ask me what im doing, ''im doing a reality check because this is a dream'' i said they laughed at me and then my LD becomes a normal dream. why i didnt become more lucid? and what is that vibration? please help me

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Re: failed reality check and vibration in my ears

Postby Peter » 18 Aug 2012 08:41

You were lucid but could not confirm it, that happens a lot. If it was in the afternoon it sounds like you were close to an OBE and again I have had plenty of them in the afternoons. The vibrations are part of the WILD feelings that may come at times. All normal when it is broken down into chunks
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Re: failed reality check and vibration in my ears

Postby fuzzylogic » 22 Aug 2012 14:18

As Peter said- the vibration thing is a classic sign that OBE is close. I've had many LD but vibration (actually for me is was very load buzz in my ears) just once. I didn't know what it was so didn't know to "stay with it" and try to transition out of body. Wish I knew...

Here's a suggestion- if you know enough to do a reality check, you are probably dreaming, so try to raise your clarity/awareness level to stabilise your LD before doing anything else. I do this by:

1- saying out loud to myself and also to any dream characters something like- "I am dreaming, you are in my dream"
2- and then saying "clarity now!".

It works like a charm. If you don't do this, you risk slipping back into regular dream state. I also rub my hands together which for some reason also helps stabilise things. And only then do I get into a dialogue with people.

Good luck.

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