Balck wolves, Shot twice

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Balck wolves, Shot twice

Postby croonerkid01 » 19 Aug 2012 07:02

This wasn't quite a full lucid dream because i could control the dream but not to the full potential some parts were just happening automatically.

Yesterday night i dreamed that i was in a strange dark place it look kinda like a castle and i was standing at a huge gae is was open and on the other side of the gate were 2 big pitch black wolfs they ran towards me and started attacking me one bit me by the left arm the other bit my right leg after a long wrestle with them i somehow snapped both of the wolves necks.

On the same night i also dreamed that i was at a restaurant with a group of friends and i got shot twice by a stranger in the restaurant first shot was in the left side of my chest and second was just below the middle of the rib cage. But in this dream i also survived i walked myself to the hospital refusing any of my friends help and said i'm going to make it there myself.

What could these dreams mean they both don't seem to be very good luck i interpreted them to be that something bad is about to happen to me but in the end i will make it through these rough times.

Anyone else have a different opinion to what they could mean

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Re: Balck wolves, Shot twice

Postby Lucid Dreamer » 19 Aug 2012 15:17

well personaly i dont think that they are predicting the future or anything. it is up to you to analyse yourself and see how those dreams reflect you. in the future, if you are lucid, you should tell the dogs and the human to stop and ask them what they represent.
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