Some questions

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Some questions

Postby DrFireBellyToad » 19 Aug 2012 19:29

Hey everyone! I discovered this website just yesterday and I'm very excited to start lucid dreaming soon. I have some questions that need answers.

1. If you practice a motor skill in your dream, such as... swimming or juggling, are you able to do those new motor skills in real life? For example, if I juggle in my LD, will I be able to juggle in real life after doing it in LD?

2. How long does it take to get your first lucid dream? Or does it vary from person to person and your technique?

3. Is there a time difference between your dream and real life? For example, 15 minutes in your lucid dream is 1 minute in real life or are they equal (1 minute in lucid dream is a minute in real life)? Or does it also vary per dream?


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Jacob D K
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Re: Some questions

Postby Jacob D K » 23 Aug 2012 03:13

well for the motor skills thing, i dont know. i know that you can study for school but i dont think such a thing will work with physical skills. in a LD you can just imagine something working and it will so i would say no.

yes, the time does vary

i have heard of someone who felt like they were in a LD for a year but it might not be true. i have no absolute idea

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Re: Some questions

Postby torakrubik » 23 Aug 2012 23:49

1. It's very your dream muscles are very different from your physical muscles. I'm pretty sure that this idea hasn't been scientifically proven!

2. Yes, it varies with the person and the technique.

3. I think in the case of a LUCID dream, i have found time to run equally between the dreamworld and waking reality. In ordinary dreams it varies greatly though, often days can pass in a single dream.
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Re: Some questions

Postby Kal » 24 Aug 2012 19:52

Those are such interesting questions! :)

I have only had one very short lucid dream, so I can't give you a personal answer. But here are my thoughts:

  • I expect you can improve mental skills during lucid dreams. I have read about a guy who decided to revise mathematics or science for University during his lucid dreams. I believe it was Steve Pavlina.
  • I know that in my dreams before, my secondary language skills have improved. I was speaking the second language without inhibitions, and this seemed to unlock the vocabulary from my memory. I'm sure this effect is the same, if not better, in lucid dreams.
  • I would guess that, although motor skills can't physically be practised, surely you can go over the correct form in your head? Let's say that when you're lifting weights in real life, you often forget to do them slowly, or to keep your head lifted up. Now, if you could practise weight lifting in a lucid dream, reminding yourself to keep your head up and do the movements slowly, surely that would help you remember to do it in real life? You're improving the mental side of your training, even if you can't work on the physical.
Just some speculation! :)

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