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Postby FPConEcho » 27 Jun 2011 03:59

I was recently diagnosed with two different forms of sleep apnea and was issued a CPAP. Since using the CPAP, it has had a significant impact on me. I feel rested, resulting in more energy, improved short-term memory, significantly improved dream recall, and my thinking not being foggy due to no longer being in a state of constant sleep deprivation.

However, with the associated benefits of my rehabilitation, there are some potentially negative side effects. I've had dreams every single night since using the CPAP. Additionally, almost every single time of using the CPAP, I will wake up in the middle of the night and find the mask that goes over my face has been taken off. Apparently, I take off the mask while asleep and place it on my dresser. I presume the deep sleep is inducing me to sleepwalk. However, I haven't used the CPAP for two days, which while I was on a camping trip with friends, I was sleepwalking within about an hour and thirty minutes after falling to sleep.

What I was doing while sleepwalking is that I was pacing back of forth at the rear end of my friend's vehicle. I woke her up because I was repeating something while pacing. She asked me what I was doing, if I was looking for the air mattress. I responded with "five five one". She thought I was asking what time it was and said "No, it is 3:23 a.m., not 5:51 a.m.". I responded with "Maybe that is what she meant by 551, she was talking about time...", then I went back to sleep.

My concern is the extent to how much I am sleepwalking now. Sleepwalking on a camping trip isn't exactly appealing, since I could wake up in the middle of the woods. Additionally, I'm never going to acquire a full eight hours of normal sleep if I keep sleepwalking and taking the mask off. It is almost like my body is trying to prevent itself from receiving real sleep. I have a check-up with my doctor in about a month to go over how the CPAP machine is, my sleep etc., but in the mean time I'm curious if anyone here sleepwalks and/or talks in their sleep to this extent and if someone might have tips to share.

Maybe I should chain my arms down to immobilize myself? :roll:

Personally, I do not know what "five five one" means, but I do know I had a bunch of dreams that night, though they are all a blur. I told someone I know about the dream and if 551 meant anything to her. Ironically, it is the first three digits of her social security number, which is kind of weird.

Now, I'm pretty sure I know why I was repeating 551. I've psychologically conditioned myself to become lucid in dreams when tangible information is present. When lucidity is induced due to names, acronyms, dates, etc. that have unique feelings associated with them, I will start repeating the information over and over verbally in the dream so that I will have it memorized for when I wake up. My guess is that I was lucid while sleepwalking, but I forgot the lucid dream since all the other dreams are a blur.

The only thing I've figured "five five one" could be is that it is an area code, because it is very specific, not like saying "five hundred and fifty one". The area code 551 is for New Jersey. Then again, 551 could be nothing. I would totally be interested in setting up a recording device while I'm sleeping to see how often I talk in my sleep or if I talk in sleep while lucid. Unfortunately, the light humming noise from my CPAP would probably activate the recording device instead of my voice activating it.

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Re: Sleepwalking

Postby Carey2004 » 28 Nov 2011 11:06

My boyfriend is talking while he's sleeping. The weirdest thing he thinks he's still a kid and he is at his karate work out or somewhere else. So basically he's back for like 15 or so years.
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Re: Sleepwalking

Postby blazing » 24 Aug 2012 15:20

My dad said one day I got up and, Went to the computer. He said "You can't go on the computer this late"
So I went back to my bed and just passed out on my bed.

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Re: Sleepwalking

Postby Lavendula » 25 Aug 2012 03:17

My dad says I once got up and ate some peanut butter before he told me to go back to bed.

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Re: Sleepwalking

Postby blazing » 25 Aug 2012 21:55


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Re: Sleepwalking

Postby marry1 » 29 Aug 2012 07:16

I think Sleepwalking is very terrible. :o
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