Just some questions.

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Just some questions.

Postby Low Fat Milk » 24 Aug 2012 22:35

Two nights ago i had the most vivid dream where i excaped a school and found myself in the backyard of a beautiful black haired girl. This dream is what ultimitly introduced me to Ludic Dreaming. I found some information about it and wrote the dream down in a notebook. Last night I told myself i was going to pick up where i left off in the dream stated previously. Unfortunatly i didn't have the same dream but, remembered three dreams and wrote them down in my notebook. Tonight my goal is to reunite myself with that black haired girl.

So, i guess my question(s) are/is...

1. Will i be able to talk with this black haired girl ever again??
2. How can i remember to do reality checks in a dream?
3. Once i am lucid, how do i go about getting in contact with this girl?
4. Is it possible to have a Ludid Dream every night??

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Re: Just some questions.

Postby Lavendula » 24 Aug 2012 23:04

1. Yes. You will be able to get into contact with this girl again, but it will be very tricky. If you are a beginner lucid dreamer, like me, you may find you have weak control over the dream and can not request people to appear. It took me five goes to get my best friend to appear. It is even harder to get to appear of you don't know their names. This will take even longer to achieve. I also have previous dream characters I would like to meet but can't.
2.Thr best way to automatically do reality checks in a dream is to do them in real life and make it a habit. Three or four times a day, ask yourself whether or not you are dreaming. Don't say "Of course not!". Actually realize you can be lucid at any moment and your brain will just fill in the gaps to make it seem logical. After you have some the classical reality checks, pinching yourself, asking if you're dreaming and trying to fly, then ask yourself more and more complex questions, asking how you know it's not a dream and questioning the events of the day. Reality checks should take 5 - 10 minutes.
3. To see the girl again, you will have to go somewhere yo will EXPECT to find her, seeming as you can't call her name or tell the dream to bring _____ to you. If you believe it enough she will be there.
4. Yes it is, but don't make the same rookie mistake i did and get your hopes up. It takes A LOT of preparation to even get one. Prepare to have one a week.

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