Discuss external aids which help you lucid dream including brainwave entrainment, supplements and herbs, lucid dream masks, and more.
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Postby SaraM2261 » 27 Jun 2011 22:04

Hi all,
Anyone have a handy list of easy to get herbs/supplements to augment dreams? I have heard that Melatonin can increase dream vividity? anything else?

I had some seriously intense and cool dreams on Trazadone way back when. You can only get that with a prescription thought.

The key being easy to get in the U.S. such as at a supplement or health food store. :)

(At this point in time I am just seeking to make my dreams more vivid and fun, I know lucidity will come later on.)

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Re: Herbs/supplements

Postby rdubya » 27 Jun 2011 23:36

SaraM2261 wrote:
(At this point in time I am just seeking to make my dreams more vivid and fun, I know lucidity will come later on.)

Just wake up in your vivid dream and its all yours to control! That's what triggering dream checks is all about.

I think Rebecca has written somewhere some supplements to take. Vitamin B (B6 I think) is one of them.

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Re: Herbs/supplements

Postby lucidity4life » 07 May 2016 14:38

try xhosa root but don't use it every night or it will have the opposite effect

also try sassafras nutmeg cinnamon poppy seeds etc

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Re: Herbs/supplements

Postby Azaleaj » 29 Aug 2016 22:40

Galantamine works well for me. I order it on amazon for about 30$. I take 6 mg after 4-6 hours of sleep 1-2 times a week. It improves dream recall, length and vividness. It also increases the frequency of LDs when combined with LD techniques. https://www.linkedin.com/cws/share?url=http://dreamstudies.org/galantamine-review-lucid-dreaming-pill/ This is a good article on the subject.

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Re: Herbs/supplements

Postby Price » 28 Nov 2016 20:33

I tried Luicidimine, which you can get online.
It is Galantamine, Alpha-GPC, CDP Choline, Choline Bitartate, L-Theanine.

I have tried it three times.

1. One pill, when I woke up at 12:00, took the pill and went back to bed. I had lucid dreams and crazy colors as I was drifting off

2. One pill, nothing happened

3. 2 pills when I went to bed for the first time at 11:00pm and had many lucid dreams.

I do realize that the lucid dreams are all at night time and a little "darker" in content and a little crazy. So there is an effect on the dream, but so far the effects seem to work. Also I do experience weird pictures and what not as I am drifting off.

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