The dark scary hole

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The dark scary hole

Postby Phate » 27 Jun 2011 23:58


so recently I've been having some trouble while I'm dreaming lucid. I control the dream, up to a certain point where I just lose it all, and wake up, shaking, extremely scared. Here's my experience:

I'm dreaming, I know I am, I'm very much lucid. Different scenarios occur, but they all end the same way, I'm suddenly flying over the ocean. I enjoy it, but I don't know how I got here. Suddenly, I drop down. Something is dragging me down. I'm being pulled down faster and faster, into a bright pool of water, maybe an ocean. I struggle to get back up, but I just can't. I freeze. Beneath me there's a very dark hole, a hole I'm being pulled into, and for some reason, I'm scared as hell. I start to scream as loud as I can, I keep getting pulled in further and further, all light dissapears very slowly, and... I wake up. Shivering, not shouting. Scared, terrified. The fact that I'm aware of what's happening inside my dream, and that I'm in a dream, makes it only so much more terrifying.

Can anyone explain to me what this means? And what I can do?

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Re: The dark scary hole

Postby Peter » 28 Jun 2011 00:28

just like a game you are being invited to the next level but it comes at a price. Just go with it and see what happens.
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Re: The dark scary hole

Postby alucidlife » 01 Jul 2011 02:07

Hi Phate,

I would have to believe that it is your sub-conscious pulling you into some type of next lesson on lucid dreaming... I have had dreams to where I am flying and can't stop how high I am going so I usually bring myself back down to the ground knowing that it was definetely something I could of learned from. Like facing our fears. I have dreams to where I am scared too, when if you can just change the way you look at it and breathe into the fear and go with it to see what it has to show you. It could be an experience that will change your perspective on a something that is occuring in your life that you have to deal with. I agree with Peter. Fear of the unknown is natural, overcomming your fears in a place you know you will never get hurt....thats life changing and it looks like your ready for it. :)

By the way, I did let my subconscious take me out to space a few times and it was really amazing to see the earth that way. I was in total awe and once I was up there, I wasn't scared anymore.

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