Good WILD LD this morning, but DCs wouldn't talk

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Good WILD LD this morning, but DCs wouldn't talk

Postby lucidinthe sky » 30 Aug 2012 16:08

Did a WILD this morning and made it after a brief loss of awareness. I "woke up" in the dream after sitting down on a bench to take a break from walking. I remembered I was supposed to check to see if it was a dream so looked at my hands. At first there was only a small difference so I was skeptical it was a dream. But then after another few looks, it was pretty obvious. There were 2 dream characters with me and we had been walking on this dirt path together. I showed them how you can change the way your hands look and each time make them different. And of course we could all tell from that we were dreaming. They were really amazed.

Then I realized we were wasting time and I told them "Come on, hurry, let's go and explore the dream world together! We don't have a lot of time" I knew these dream characters were walking with me, but never saw their faces again. So we walked down these stone walkways and stairways that had stairs coming down from different directions and intersecting with our path. As we were walking up the stairs, different dream characters were coming down, passing us. The first one approached was a woman. I said, "Excuse me, what's you name?" She said nothing, just gave me this strange look as if to say: "Why are you talking to me? You're not supposed to be." Soon after I passed a man and said "Good day sir, how are you today?" No answer and again the strange look. There were one or 2 more after that, but nothing.

I realized I was getting tired from the climb and everything went black. It was a strange ending because it felt like I was falling asleep while in the dream, but I actually woke up instead.

Wonder sometimes if many of the DCs are just supposed to be "extras" like in a movie and they don't have any lines.

It was so fun to just take off and start exploring the dream world, wish it lasted longer though.
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