My very first lucid dream- Ruby in goldland! =)

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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My very first lucid dream- Ruby in goldland! =)

Postby Ryo Nguyen » 02 Sep 2012 16:21

Hallo everyone~ =) My name is Ruby, and I've just had a lucid dream tonight. I'd like to share with you guys, so here we go!

I'm sitting in a candle-lighted cave with my younger sister. Though I don't have a sister in real life, but in the dream, this strange girl is my sister so...okay. She looks really similar to my real appearance, with short boyish hair and a stupid grin on the face.

We're looking for something under the flowing water. As my hand touch an egg-shaped object, I tell her to come closer. It looks like an Easter Egg and it says "Open me". So I break it, and the gold jewellery fall down freely from the egg. Then the cave starts to crumble as the water turns to all gold.

We lol'd and grab a bag from nowhere, each tries to shove as much gold as possible into the bag, and then a fat guy appears. He looks like a retarded meatball. He throws some bags at our faces as he says:

"Fill the bags with the golds. Or else I'll destroy your vehicles!"

We're both like nooooo-don't-you-dare-destroy-our-beloved-bikes but still, we do as he says (It sounds so silly anyway). After we've stuffed a lot, a lot, a lot of gold into the bags, that meatball quickly grabs them and runs outside. Seriously, his running is way too retarded.

Again we try to fill our bags with gold, but I tell my sister not to be greedy, since I know it's not good. After we're done, we run out of the cave, and now I'm standing at a small alley. It's dark outside, maybe it's at midnight. I see my bike nearby and climb on it, then I hear someone shout out loudly "Get them!" as a crowd run to us. My sister screams out "Ruuun!" before she starts to laugh. But we do run anyway.

Those people are really fast, even though I'm riding a bike, I feel like I'm about to get caught. It was not until I turn right at an intersection that I realize I'm dreaming. I blink and try to slow my movements. Everything slowly turn more and more vivid. So I turn around and shout at the people: "Stop chasing me you biatches!" and to my surprise, they all stop and fall down. I laugh so hard that I start to lose control, so I quickly regain it by mumble "Clarity now, I demand clarity now."

I don't quite remember the rest of the dream. But I'm sure that after I've escaped that goddamn crowd, we come and see another fat one, but this is a lady. But still, she is so fat. We buy something from her, but she asks for too much money that we all get pissed off and flip her table over.

Well, that's all. Really, my dreams are so silly. =v=

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