My experiences.

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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My experiences.

Postby TomTap2 » 03 Sep 2012 04:17

Just copying and pasting the topic I wrote on the 'for beginners' section.

Yesterday morning (between 10 and 11am) I woke up and went back to sleep, I then had a lucid dream. It involved my ex girlfriend, my friend and I walking along a path, I'd recently split up with her and couldn't stop dreaming about her, my friend was basically there to pick up the pieces. I kept waking up and falling asleep again. The second dream I was in a bar with a pool table and two other men sitting down, I knew again that this dream was pure lucid. So I decided to test it by turning myself into Iron Man, one of my favourite super heroes. It didn't work for some reason, maybe to do with his complicated character/suit. So then I turned into something easier - Bane (from Batman). It was successful as I saw my reflection as a smaller skinnier Bane, I then picked up one of the men sitting down by the scruff of the neck to test my 'strength', due to Bane's strength and intimidation. That was the first time I've managed to control a lucid dream properly. Despite enjoying the moment I could suddenly feel my body on it's side moving, due to my odd sleeping position and I woke up. I then had another lucid dream within minutes. I can't remember it exactly but I woke up in a room with three people, one I recognised and the other two I didn't. One of them had rotten teeth and came up to me lying in bed and decided to pinch my back (weird, I know)... it actually hurt for some reason. He wouldn't stop and I didn't know how to command my dream and tell it that I was supposed to be in control, so I tried to wake up, which was the hardest thing I've ever done. I felt my body, but it was stiff, I couldn't move it whatsoever, like I was paralysed or something, so I panicked. A few seconds later I managed to wriggle my body and wake up, wondering what the hell happened.

I've had lucid dreams before, but very short ones. Once I was walking through the streets (however I didn't know where I was), suddenly realising I was totally aware of my dream, I started teleporting through the street. It was a brilliant experience, but it was a bit fuzzy.

Sterre Duiker
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Re: My experiences.

Postby Sterre Duiker » 01 Oct 2012 14:32

I asked my self-conscious mind if I could enter someone elses dream, like what happened to Robert when Rebecca was interviewing him in the book. My mind said yes, but I think I might have been expecting it to say yes. So could answers to questions be true or does it just answer what you expect it to?

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