Question about awareness in a lucid dream

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Question about awareness in a lucid dream

Postby NAIAD » 04 Sep 2012 17:32

Hi, I haven't had a lucid dream yet but would like to hear about what it is like. Obviously you are aware that you are dreaming...but are the colours and the details as vivid as in waking life? Also what are the mental capabilities and recall like while you are dreaming?

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Re: Question about awareness in a lucid dream

Postby HAGART » 04 Sep 2012 20:53

It's hard to describe, but for me, no matter how real it is, the colors are different than waking life. When awake, light enters our eyes to make us see things and objects cast shadows in a predictable, physics-based way. In a lucid dream, there is no light source. It can sometimes be quite dark for me as if it were twilight, and other times things are hyper-colored as if they themselves are emitting light. I never noticed anything casting a shadow before or where the light source is coming from. That's an interesting thing to observe the next time I lucid dream.

The other thing about lucid dreams is that they are not always stable. That is, things can morph and change shapes or even disappear if you stare at it too long. Or you can look behind you, see a car, look away and back again and the car is gone and now there is a dog in the street. But no matter how unreal it is you have the feeling of being in a 3dimensional space and 'being there' not watching images on a screen.

It's still a dream and some are more vivid and detailed than others, but even after the most real ones I've had, after waking up and analyzing it, I realize they don't have the same clarity as waking reality looks. But jumping off a tall building can still FEEL just as exilerating as if you were to do it in real life. (I never did that in real life, but I know what it feels like to fall and have your stomach rise into the back of your throat so I bet it feels the same way. You just have to remember to land on your feet or slow down before hitting the ground because it can FEEL so real that it might jolt you awake.)
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