Reality check or dream check?

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Reality check or dream check?

Postby Tarpaulin » 07 Sep 2012 23:36

Okay so here's the thing. From all my reading up until today "The Reality Check" method consists of checking during the day for anomalies which would indicate that you're dreaming. the idea is that if you keep doing them they will carry over into dream time and when you do a "check" in a dream you will find anomalies and realize you're dreaming which will result in lucidity.

I'm reading a book on Tibetan Buddhist Dream Yoga which instead says you should tell yourself regularly during the day that "you are dreaming" on the basis that you will end up doing it in a dream and thus become lucid.

two similar but in fact opposite methods. I've been doing the regular "Reality check" method but am now questioning it.

Comments on the two would be welcome. Also experiences with both. I'm looking to figure would which is really likely to be the most effective.

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Jack Reacher
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Re: Reality check or dream check?

Postby Jack Reacher » 08 Sep 2012 06:04

In my experience, both methods are just too tedious to do in waking life, it seems to actually dp them by chance in a dream is really low, at least for me personally. I think you are better off using them in a situation where you become lucid in a dream but are not 100% confident that you are dreaming. Sometimes I become lucid but I dont do anything risky because im not 100% certain that its a dream, so I do a reality check to prove I really am lucid. In other words gaining lucidity comes first for me, and the check is just a confirmation
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Re: Reality check or dream check?

Postby lucidinthe sky » 08 Sep 2012 16:43

I think the value in reality checks lies in questioning whether you are dreaming or awake so you learn to always realize you could be dreaming. Getting past the idea that you can tell the difference between waking and dream states is important. For me, it's the internal questioning that makes me realize I'm dreaming and the reality check is just to confirm the suspicion.
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Re: Reality check or dream check?

Postby alppdcjr12 » 21 Sep 2012 16:59

Both are extremely useful methods and essential to progressing as a lucid dreamer.

The fact is that reality is a dream. This dream ends when we die. Keep this in mind, keep in mind the idea that you are ALWAYS dreaming and always in a unique moment in which you have the power to control your actions, and you will begin to carry that attitude into your dreams. This heightened awareness will start to bring you into situations where you question whether you're dreaming, especially if you keep track of dream signs. Doing reality checks will teach you to know when you're in the shorter, REM sleep dreams and not this collective dream we all share. The "I am dreaming" dream yoga method is to teach you to be aware and energized; the "am I dreaming" method is to teach you to be curious, to expand the limits of your knowledge. These overlap, of course. I highly highly recommend doing both as much as you possibly can.
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