Lucid dream experience to share

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Lucid dream experience to share

Postby beadietux » 09 Sep 2012 14:14

I have been a spontaneous lucid dreamer for most of my life but never knew the term until about a month ago when I started researching after having my first experience of controlling a was so exciting and a little scary so I wanted to find out what in the world I had just done, and I learned all about LD, etc. Well, my first night after reading about this stuff, I had an AMAZING lucid flying dream (spontaneous) where I played with this new ability to control everything and just had a blast. Since then, I've been working on WILD's etc. and have had some great visualizations, but no "popping" into a lucid state. I also haven't had any spontaneous lucid dreams that have been amazing. The ones I have had have been lukewarm and I allowed my subconscious to control it. A good example happened last night. I dreamed I was running up some stairs and I said, "I'm dreaming!" and I immediately popped into the dream. I was so excited but knew I was about to lose it, so I really concentrated on staying lucid. I stomped on the stairs and could feel and hear that motion. I ran up and down the stairs and realized I was in a really large basement - like a library basement. I wanted to do something but then I heard a voice say "You're stuck in your subconscious...there's not much we can do here. Next time, we'll do more." I saw a dream character - like a mad scientist sort of guy with curly blonde hair and he was pulling his hair in frustration. I wasn't scared of him at all...I knew he was sort of the caretaker of the basement, but he wasn't the one who talked. I wasn't scared at all of the voice I heard who seemed to be in charge - in the dream, i knew the voice and was fine with him (it was a male voice, I'm female) and I just submitted like a little kid. I remember saying, "Next time can we pleeeaaase go outside and fly around?" and he was like, "Ok, maybe next time." Then I decided to make something happen, so I said, "show me a kitty" a few times, and a shadowy kitty appeared on the stairs (the stairs were very dark), but it never materialized into a full kitty. Then I woke up! So, that's it. Not very exciting, but it was very strange that i was perfectly content to go along with this voice telling me that I had to wait until next time to do more when I've had very exciting lucid dreams in the past (flying, etc.)

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