Most horrifying false awakenings

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Most horrifying false awakenings

Postby Jack Reacher » 12 Sep 2012 22:01

Right so I just had a night where I must have had like 4-5 very short lucid dreams that all took place in my bedroom. I also had normal dreams in between but didnt become lucid so I wont go into those here.

I couldnt get to sleep until like 3 am for some reason, and whenever I did the dream would be me lying in bed trying to lucid dream. I got intense head buzzing again, havent had that in a while and im almost certain now when my head starts buzzing like crazy I am actually dreaming, because each time it has happened even though I am staring at HI in my room, I somehow wake up to the same room, only I know it is waking life.

Anyway it took me a while to realise this, at one point I found a black hand under my covers, it grabbed me and sent me spinning into darkness, my whole body started getting crushed as soon as I knew it was a dream, had 0 control over it.

The next dream involved finding a black cat on my bed, and I thought it was my own pet. In the next dream a white cat joined it, then my head started buzzing and I realised this must be a dream. What happened next was just horrific.

I heard my door slowly open in the dark, but I couldnt move my head. The sheets were close to my head so I couldnt see much, but I could hear footsteps come closer and closer. I was paralysed with fear, I actually tried screaming at one point, I tried to get up but I couldnt move. Eventually the buzzing in my head started again and next thing I know im looking at the door and its closed, and im relieved it was a dream.

Sorry if this whole post is messy, the entire night, it felt like that room 1401 with John Cusac where he cant leave the hotel.

I think I woke up into sleep paralysis and in order to explain it, my mind created a situation where I would think I couldnt move where I was struck with fear.
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