Thrashing about upon waking advice?

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Thrashing about upon waking advice?

Postby fineganswaker » 02 Jul 2011 01:01

Need some dream recall technique advice.

I'm having trouble staying still when I first wake up. I know it's ok to move a little bit (like to turn off your alarm if you're using the WBTB method), but I suddenly sense this involuntary motion where I'm really rolling around trying to get comfortable again after being in a certain sleep position. But by the time I realize what I'm doing it's often too late!

The result, of course, is that this movement causes the "dream erasers" to kick in big time. I know I was just dreaming something, but damned if I'm going to recall it, because I suddenly realize that I've been unconsciously rolling around for possibly up to a few minutes! Afterward I've laid there awake for up to a half hour sometimes, just breathing into it, trying different things to gently nudge the dream into memory. It always seems so tantalizingly close, but finally it's just...gone.

Any ideas or tips--and, as usual, thanks in advance.

ps: Did end up getting lucky when this happened again last night. Later in the night a conscious thought I had about work triggered a memory of a big chunk of the dream (which turned out to be work-related--and a great dream, although not lucid). I was a good kid too: I forced myself to get up and journal it!

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Re: Thrashing about upon waking advice?

Postby Peter » 02 Jul 2011 06:50

see if you can remember just one point from the dream on waking - something vivid or the last tiny bit of a dream. If you can and I find i only need a small key word or action the dream will flow back soon.
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Re: Thrashing about upon waking advice?

Postby dagomez99 » 07 Jul 2011 05:13

It happens to me too, I've found that it happens more when I go to bed late, but only happens if I wake up in the middle of the night, like when I get conscuousness, I'm already moving (maybe at the end of the first or second REM cycle, I'm not sure) what I do is that I sit up and try to remember, if I can't then I just let thoughts pass by, eventually something related to the dream may come up, and even if it doesn't, I just don't worry and go back to sleep, when I wake up in the morning, I can recall another dream that i just had (an average person has a mean of 5-6 dreams per night, so if I can't remember the first ones, i'll remember the last ones). That's my advice mate, good luck with your LDs.

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