A little sleep problem that I need advice on

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A little sleep problem that I need advice on

Postby TheCaptain5 » 14 Sep 2012 07:41

I've always had one problem that really annoys me: I can't remember how or when I fall asleep at night. It just happens... I've read in some of the articles in World of Lucid Dreaming that you can put affirmations and visualizations into your mind when your just falling asleep to help with lucid dreaming. The only problem for me is, as I stated before, I don't really know when I fall asleep or how it feels, or I just can't remember it. All I know is, I'm lying in my bed one minute, and the next minute I'm getting up in the morning. Sometimes I don't even relax (or don't realize or remember I did) and poof! There I am, suddenly sitting up in bed with my alarm clock ringing. Has this ever happened to you? And If so, how do you fix it? How can I actually realize I'm falling into the world of unconsciousness and recognize that cue to start the affirmations and visualizations? Sometimes, very rarely though, I sometimes feel a falling sensation which I've learned recently is the sensation you feel before falling asleep. Unfortunately, it's such a startling sensation I usually jump in surprise, feeling like I'm falling off the bed and there goes an opportunity for sleep.

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Re: A little sleep problem that I need advice on

Postby AngelXdv » 14 Sep 2012 20:46

Let me tell you,the falling sensation is a hypnic jerk. Everyone encounters them from time to time. It wakes you up everytime so this is normal. And the falling asleep sensation,you aren't actually feeling it. You just repeat it over and over again until you can't do that anymore because you are asleep. It just happens. You can't feel it. At least not in my family. My brother said this first to me thinking he has a problem too,but as this is how I fall asleep I can say that,no you don't really feel when you fall asleep. Try this:


BTW: you won't feel when you are dreaming so do a reality check after a while.

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Re: A little sleep problem that I need advice on

Postby alppdcjr12 » 14 Sep 2012 21:05

That's totally normal. If you're getting to the hypnogagic jerk, you're doing exactly what you need to be. Just keep doing it and try to flow into the falling sensation. Expect it; don't let it surprise you, or if you are surprised, realize it's just what you need to succeed, and try to go into it. If you keep thinking about it in the right way, eventually you'll be able to ride it like a wave right into a dream. As it happens, you could try visualize falling into something soft and relaxing to guide yourself into a dream where that happens. Great job and good luck :D
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