Floating before going to sleep?

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99 lives
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Floating before going to sleep?

Postby 99 lives » 16 Sep 2012 02:06

Last night, when i was trying to go to sleep, I slowly began to feel as though i was floating, it began quite gently and, in slowly increasing pulses, i began to feel like i was floating. I felt like i could just float out of my body at any minute, and i wasn't seeing any hypnagogic imagery, and i was still fully awake. Suddenly something changed, and the pulses of floating changed to a consistent sensation, I got quite exited, as i haven't had a lucid dream yet, and i though this could be my first. unfortunately, my heartbeat was racing i was so exited. i lost the sensation and wasn't able to get back to it that night. Has anyone else felt something like this, or know about it?

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Jack Reacher
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Re: Floating before going to sleep?

Postby Jack Reacher » 16 Sep 2012 02:53

I have had this twice, and I miss it. Its a nice feeling, it usually occurs when I listen to Binaural Beats and lieing flat on my back isntead of on my side, I dont sleep like that anymore so maybe I should...

Not exactly sure what its called or what causes it, someone else might do a better job there.
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