Commands and flying

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Commands and flying

Postby kdariboy » 18 Sep 2012 21:54

So acouple nights days ago i wanted an ice cream in my hand. I thought about it and even yelled it but nothing came. I also yell the commands "show me something amazing" and "show me something funny" (nothing happens). The only command that does work is "show me clarity". ALSO, this was my 3rd LD and i tried flying and spiderman powers both failed for the 3rd time. Any help to at least help me with commands and wanting things to appear?
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Re: Commands and flying

Postby alppdcjr12 » 21 Sep 2012 16:50

VISUALIZE. During the day, set up as much time as you can to literally just sit there imagining yourself doing the things you want to do. Imagine it more and more vividly. You are feeling the spider web in your hand, you are feeling your body swing. The wind is blowing by, streets, going by below you. Do this as often as you can. When your mind is ready with the sensations, it will reproduce them for you when you need it to. The more you do this, the greater your dream control will be.
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Re: Commands and flying

Postby DenisaV » 27 Sep 2012 08:39

a few unsuccessful attempts to fly at the beginning are absolutely normal. Just try to condition your mind (strongly believe you WILL do it), and visualise it during the day couple of times. It's important to go to bed with the last idea on mind that you WILL fly in your dream.
Start slowly, just jump around higher and higher, sort of bounce around your dreamscape (or if you were about to jump up on some invisible tall object, like cliffor building..). Slowly, you might want to try jumping really high.
You can also use flying aids, like wings, or imagine sitting on a flying animal or object. Some people reported that having an anchor near the bed (like pictures or posters of people/objects flying) helped them, but I never used it so I cannot personally recommend.

Good luck!
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