Commands and flying

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Commands and flying

Postby kdariboy » 18 Sep 2012 21:55

So acouple nights days ago i wanted an ice cream in my hand. I thought about it and even yelled it but nothing came. I also yell the commands "show me something amazing" and "show me something funny" (nothing happens). The only command that does work is "show me clarity". ALSO, this was my 3rd LD and i tried flying and spiderman powers both failed for the 3rd time. Any help to at least help me with commands and wanting things to appear?
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Re: Commands and flying

Postby Tomato » 30 Sep 2012 21:28

You can't just yell for something, and expect it to appear. You need to close your eyes, focus, and see that ice cream in your hand. Give it as much detail as possible, then feel it in your hand. Give it texture. Then you open your eyes, and the ice cream will be there.

You also need to be truly aware of the fact that in your dream, nothing is real. Everything in the dream is you, and you have control over it all. Soon you should be able to put a leash on it.
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