Life and Death Scenarios

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Life and Death Scenarios

Postby Legended » 19 Sep 2012 01:09

This dream was pretty crazy. I watched a scenario in my head as if it was a movie. There was this crazy man holding a automatic machine gun. He walked into a restaurant and began to shoot everybody. He walked into the kitchen and told everybody to go to the restroom. He held them hostages until swat team was able to take him out.

So I decided to put myself in the scenario to see what I would do in a situation like that. I stopped time and was walking around the restaurant trying to decide Where I should be. I walked into the kitchen. I new all the people there survived, but then again they were taken to the restroom. I decided to wait in the restroom. So I walked into restroom and entered a stall.

Time started again and I heard gunshots and people screaming. It was quiet for while and then I heard the restroom door open. All I could hear is footsteps and I already knew I've made a bad decision. He started opening the stall one by one. I saw his feet from under the stall. He opened it, aimed the gun to my head, and shot. Everything went black. It was game over for me.

A new scenario began. This one didn't have any future dialogue like the last scenario. I was in a liquor store buying some snacks. There was a few ordinary looking people there, but one Guy caught my eye. He looked like a war veteran from the Vietnam era. Anyways I kept a close eye on him until I walked up to the counter to purchase some items. I turned around and he was no where to be found. I walked out of the store and as soon as I turned the corner he bumped into me. He apologized and walked away. I walked to my car and noticed my wallet was missing. That war vet must of took my wallet and now he knows where I live from my ID.

I didn't want to go home so I decided to park a block away from my house and break into my neighbor's RV. I started to brainstorm. If I were him, what would be my intentsions. Whatever they are it was must not be good. I couldn't go home so I decided to ride over to my cousins house for a place of refuge. I walked back to my car and turned it on. As I was driving out of my neighborhood I felt a presence in the car with me. I turned around and there he was holding a knife about to stick it in my throat. I told myself I'm not dying again so I used my telekinesis to throw him out of the car. I stepped out decided to go to a different place.

So I jumped into a rabbit hole and fell to random place. It looked like Rome with all these artistic statues and fountains. I was kind of hungry so I walked up to a street vendor who was selling waffles. I asked her how much and she said 55 dollars. Nothing in a dream should have a price tag so I took it and walked away. People started laughing at me because I stole a waffle which shows my insecurities when it comes to what people what people think about me for stealing. I let them laugh and opened up the waffle which was wrapped in plastic. I took a bite and it was the most delicious waffle ever. It was a sandwhich waffle with strawberry shortcake icecream inbetween. Then this black kid wanted to fight me for stealing the waffle. I told him kick back, your just part of my subconscious. He didn't believe me so he tried to throw a punch at me. I used my telekinesis to lift him off the ground. He freaked out a bit and the people around us were at amazed. I put him back down and he seemed happy to realize it was a dream. I began walking down the street enjoying my waffle looking at the fine arts. As I got further down the road, the arts got darker. Statues of innocent people being slaughtered. Maybe it was feeling of the previous scenarios carrying over. I then saw Jesus on cross upside down. I woke up from the dream and had to hop on the forums to share. Hope you enjoyed. My goals for today is to make a strawberry shortcake icecream sandwhich waffle to see if it is as good as it was in my dream.

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