What happened to me?

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What happened to me?

Postby beansandlentils » 21 Sep 2012 18:33

Any ideas on what happened last night?

So I woke up with a start - like when you gasp and sit up in bed. It was early in my sleep cycle - like 2 hours, and it was scary and intense and then I realized I was in a car with my mom. I knew something was up - I had "woken up" but I knew it wasn't reality. It was dark and it was incredibly hard to move. I finally looked at my hands (my reality check) and it took a while to register, but indeed I was dreaming. Still, I couldn't seem to move a muscle. After a while of being in the car, it slowly got darker and darker. Finally I realized I was probably awake and opened my eyes.

Any ideas? It was strange to wake up suddenly, but then to not really be able to move much. Almost like I was half awake? Except I was definitely in a car, not my bed. Semi lucid? It was really weird. Not very nice feeling either.

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Re: What happened to me?

Postby Michael33 » 21 Sep 2012 19:18

I've had some reoccurring dreams in the past where I couldn't move or speak, I was aware I was dreaming but had no control over the situation. When I get in these situations where I'm scared but semi lucid I'm able to whimper so my girlfriend will wake me up. Seems a lil silly that I can make a sound but can't just wake up. But that's what happens.

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Re: What happened to me?

Postby Jack Reacher » 21 Sep 2012 21:20

Could be sleep paralysis, you might have actually just woken up and then you were put in the car scenario as a kind of hullucination.
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